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Noam Chomsky on RT: US and Saudi attacks on Jemen supports Al Qaeda and IS

Professor Noam Chomsky joins Afshin to discuss the major crisis in the West. From the ‘terror-generating’ drone strikes in Yemen which leads to Al Qaeda’s expansion to anti-neoliberal movements spreading through South America and even parts of Europe with the rise of Syriza and Podemos, could US hegemony be coming to an end? And with the ‘extraordinary demonisation’ of Russia …

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Assyrian Juliana Taimoorazy speaks about the horrible atrocities against Middle East Christians

Juliana Taimoorazy, President and Founder of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council, speaks about the plight of Middle East Christians and the Indigenous people of Iraq, the Assyrian Christians. Assyrian Christians have been living in the land of Iraq for over 6700 years and converted to Christianity through St. Thomas in the first century AD. What happens to Christian Minorities in …

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Hanne Nabintu Herland: Brave New World and totalitarian trends in democracies

Vigilance against attitudes that infringe on freedom is always important. Such attitudes move society in the direction of a tyranny of opinion. (Photo: Steffen Aaland) I will begin by reflecting briefly over the definition of a totalitarian society, so that we can determine if the retiring professor of Church History, Bernt Oftestad, is correct in his conclusion. Oftestad believes that …

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The Garissa-massacre in Kenya: Video on the 148 killed because they were Christians

See the video of the massacred young people in Kenya, made by those close to the victims as they mourn the 148 young students killed by Al Shabab solely because they were Christians. The horrific attack by Islamic al-Shabab jihadists speaks for the dehumanizing Islamist ideology that ends up slandering the name of every decent Muslim. The Garissa-atrocities are the latest of …

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Secret Norwegian Submarine Base, Rented by Russians

Norwegian submarine station

Herland Report: Norway is regretting the day it sold off a key submarine base near the Russian border. With President Putin flexing his muscles in the region, there is growing alarm among Nato chiefs that the west has left itself woefully unprotected, writes Newsweek. The sale of Olavsvern was long in the making. Eventually, the government put it up for sale …

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Graphic Syria War Video: Arab lives have little value, when terror hits Paris everyone reacts

Very graphic video from the terror attack in Homs where reportedly over 20 people were killed in the Christian Quarter and the Alawite area January 21st, 2015. When terror hits Paris and Western people loose their lives, either Europeans or Americans, the whole world writes about it, and rightfully so. When terror hits civilians in Syria just days afterwards, nobody …

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