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Soleimani killing is not that important, will not affect Iranian capabilities much

Qassem-Soleimani-Iran death Israel USA Mid East Monitor

Keep updated, share this story with friends!  Herland Report: The US assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani makes multitudes march the streets in Iran. The media predicts regional war. Soleimani killing will not affect Iranian capabilities much, says commentator Daniel Pipes. What is likely to be the outcome of the killing of Iran’s top Revolutionary Guard leader and head of …

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Power vacuum in US, Europe, Israel emboldens Ottoman Erdogan in Libya

Erdogan turkey RT

Keep updated, share this story with friends!  Herland Report: Sensing a power vacuum in Washington, Europe, and Tel Aviv along with the weakness of North African regimes — and emboldened by his own hubris — Erdogan has promised military boots on the ground in Libya as first reported in Can Recep the Magnificent Sort Out Libya on December 18th. The …

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2019 Herland Report har hatt betydelig vekst, se temaene som kommer i 2020

Hanne Nabintu Herland

Keep updated, share this story with friends! Et vidunderlig nytt år ønskes alle! Herland Report har dette året hatt en betydelig vekst, levert intervjuer og artikler med verdens ledende intellektuelle, og hatt bred inngang blant annet i sentrale politiske miljøer i USA. Vi har kunnet åpnet rommet for informasjon om det som foregår bak medie-fasadene, her siste nye artikkel om …

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Jeffrey Epstein, where did his money come from? Mossad? CIA? – Steve Brown

Jeffrey Epstein Pedophilia AP Herland Report

Keep updated, share this story with friends!  Herland Report: Why is there so little information about the source of Jeffrey Epstein’s revenue? What the political class really wants to hide is the Federal Reserve’s bail-out for a child abuse sex criminal to the tune of $6,7 billion with US taxpayer funds, – not just the financial products he helped create …

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Warning: Mortgages surge to post-2008 peak, New Financial Crisis ahead?


Keep updated, share this story with friends!The proportion of low-deposit mortgages associated with the financial crisis has hit its highest level since 2008, the Bank of England recently said. Almost 6% of mortgages granted in the third quarter of 2019 had a loan-to-value ratio of more than 90%, meaning that borrowers had to stump up a deposit equivalent to just …

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Medieeide Faktisk.no betales for å sensurere Facebook #SOVJET

Faktisk Norway logo steigan

Keep updated, share this story with friends!  Herland Report: I forbindelse med at Herland Report over lengre tid har vært omtrent nedstengt på Facebook med så aktiv shadow banning at vi nesten ikke har nådd ut til noen, har vi reagert. Senhøsten 2019 har hundrevis rapportert at de nesten ikke får poster fra oss, det har vært umulig å laste …

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God Jul med muslimenes feiring av Jesus, sønn av Maria


Keep updated, share this story with friends!Herland Report: Islam er Norges nest største religion. La oss se på muslimenes syn på Jesus, Maria Jesu mor og julens betydning i islam. Den muslimske legen, Trond Ali Linstad, som i mange år har ledet TV programmer og nettstedet koranen.no forklarer: Det er jul, og mennesker feirer Jesu fødsel. Så flott! Jesus er …

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Soon not allowed to celebrate Christmas: Christmas is Trigger Word now

Keep updated, share this story with friends!For too many decades the American people, by which I mean the people born and raised in the US in neighborhoods where there were family and neighbors who shared a culture, language, values, and history, have sat tolerantly while a tiny percentage of the population took away their culture by making it offensive to …

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Jesus lived in a police state, much like America today – John Whitehead

Easter Pilate Jesus Painting Herland Report

Keep updated, share this story with friends!Jesus was born into a police state not unlike the growing menace of the American police state. When he grew up, he had powerful, profound things to say—things that would change how we view people, alter government policies and change the world. “Blessed are the merciful,” “Blessed are the peacemakers,” and “Love your enemies” …

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Hank von Helvete – Hans-Erik Husby kritiserer media for Illiberal utvikling

Hans-Erik Husby kritiserer media Hans-Erik Husby Hank Von Hell Herland Report

Keep updated, share this story with friends!Herland Report: Hans-Erik Husby kritiserer media: Husby, alias HankVonHelvete, tidl. frontfigur i death punk bandet, Turbonegro, snakker om den autoritære, illiberale utviklingen i den offentlige virkeligheten i Norge. Vi republiserer intervjuet i forbindelse med debatten rundt graden av ny-marxistisk dominans i våre kulturradikale medier, hvilket bare har blitt mye verre siden 2017 da dette …

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