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Adam Schiff history of inaccuracies, mess, conspiracy

Adam Schiff history of inaccuracies Millions watch Herland Report TV. Subscribe:

Keep updated, share this story with friends! Herland Report: Adam Schiff history of inaccuracies: Liberal media have bathed the California Democrat in praise. A CNN analyst called him “dazzling.” A Washington Post reporter tweeted that his trial argument to convict President Trump was one for the ages. Conservatives take a decidedly different view. They wonder on social media why a …

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US Senator Richard Black: “Herland Report Global reach, speaks truth, genuine substance”

Herland Report Global reach Richard Black Hanne Nabintu Herland

Keep updated, share this story with friends!Herland Report Global reach: Herland Report TV host, Hanne Herland speaks with US Senator Richard Black, who endorses The Herland Report global reach and its genuine substance. The interview adresses how our current system has changed towards endless wars, neo-con foreign policy leading to the Arab Spring, Syria and Libya war. The question is: …

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Belmarsh Prison Inmates Help a dying Julian Assange #Wikileaks

Belmarsh Prison Inmates Help Julian Assange Julian-Assange-Ruptly-Catelyn-Johnston

Keep updated, share this story with friends!  Herland Report: Belmarsh Prison Inmates Help Julian Assange: For quite some time, the news of Julian Assange has been that he is a dying man inside the Belmarsh Prison, UK. Reports have indicated that doctors are refused to treat him, that his health is rapidly deteriorating. In 2010, Julian Assange was hailed as …

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Human Rights Tragedy in Libya, silence in the West – Linda Ulstein

Human Rights Tragedy in Libya Linda Ulstein Herland Report

Keep updated, share this story with friends!Herland Report TV: “We learn from the books about equality and freedom, but in reality we see totally the opposite in Libya. What is going on under the militia rule now is very inhuman,” says the President and Founder of the Norwegian Organization for Human Rights in Libya, Linda Ulstein Ait Arezki in this …

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Media lies about Libya War 2011: Gaddafi, Sarkozy and exile-Libyans’ role

Gaddafi Sarkozy AFP Herland Report Media lies about Libya War

Keep updated, share this story with friends!  Herland Report: The Berlin Conference was once again all about who controls Libyan oil. In some media, it has been portrayed as if Western leaders and Russia seek to end the war in Libya for the sake “of peace”. What is really at stake is the Libyan oil and gas reserves, out of …

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Historic Churchillian moment Boris Johnson signs BREXIT DEAL: Congratulations!

EU forgot to defend Europeans Boris Johnson. Crown-Photo-Boris-Johnson-Sign-Brexit

Keep updated, share this story with friends!  Herland Report: Historic Churchillian moment for Boris Johnson: We congratulate UK prime minister, Boris Johnson who today signed the historic Brexit agreement in Downing Street. January 31, 2020 the United Kingdom will leave the EU at 11 am. European leaders signed the agreement earlier on Friday, and it was then transported by train …

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Russia Shift To More Of A Parliamentary System? Putin’s Radical Reforms

Putin's Radical Reforms Putin 2020 state of the nation adress January Kremlin Photo

Keep updated, share this story with friends!  Herland Report: Putin’s Radical Reforms: Is Russia shifting to more of a parliamentary system? The recent Putin reforms highlight governmental attempts to combat corruption and elitism, long standing problems in Russia. Domestically, the country has massive challenges as it is dependent on exports, now with a stagnant economy. The middle class are growing weary …

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World Holocaust Forum: Holocaust was Jewish and Universal Tragedy – Prince Of Wales


Keep updated, share this story with friends!  Herland Report: The president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, US vice president Mike Pence joined the historic ceremony in Jerusalem, the largest ever, commemorating the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz extermination camp and combating anti-Semitism.  (World Holocaust Forum 2020. HRH The Prince of Wales addressing the audience. Feature photo: …

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Norway Government collapse over ISIS brides, but Al Qaida has long been our ally

Siv_Jensen_ Rights.no Norway Government collapse over ISIS brides

Keep updated, share this story with friends!Herland Report: Norway Government collapse over ISIS brides: Norway’s governing coalition collapsed on Monday over ISIS repatriation as the Progress Party Norway, FRP left the coalition government. They cited “the last drop” was the Government’s decision to take back the ISIS brides-wives to their countries of origin in the West, since the Al Qaida-ISIS attempt …

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Russia’s Big Gamble in Libya, all about who controls resources: An analysis

Haftar LNA Lavrov Moscow Russia Libya

Keep updated, share this story with friends!  Herland Report: First, the background. When the United States abandoned the Iran agreement, that left Turkey’s oil imports adrift due to newly imposed US Treasury sanctions on Iranian oil exports. By December 2018, Turkey was forced to look elsewhere for its oil imports with Libya being the most logical choice by price and …

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