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Remarkable Democrat Show: Impeachment of a President for wanting to stop Corruption

Donald Trump Reuters

Share it!  Herland Report: The ongoing political civil war in the United States, and attempted coup against the duly elected president, Donald Trump steadily puts the corruption within the Democratic Party forefront.   American corruption on State level is now so obvious that leading intellectuals internationally speak of attempted coup d’etat in America. Herland Report have had numerous articles, interviews …

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Hanne Herland #RT interview: We destroyed Libya – Raymond Ibrahim

Hanne Herland Report RT

Share it!  Herland Report: Highlighting Libya again: Blundering Western policy in the Middle East and elsewhere empowered Islamism and led to a massive increase in the persecution of Christians. “We don’t know what we are doing abroad, any more than at home. The full impact of Western intervention in Libya was recently highlighted during a televised interview of Worlds Apart.  …

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Historic Churchillian moment Boris Johnson signs BREXIT DEAL: Congratulations!

Historic Churchillian moment for Boris Johnson. Crown-Photo-Boris-Johnson-Sign-Brexit

Share it!  Herland Report: Historic Churchillian moment for Boris Johnson: We congratulate UK prime minister, Boris Johnson who today signed the historic Brexit agreement in Downing Street. January 31, 2020 the United Kingdom will leave the EU at 11 am. European leaders signed the agreement earlier on Friday, and it was then transported by train to London. The prime minister …

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World Holocaust Forum: Holocaust was Jewish and Universal Tragedy – Prince Of Wales


Share it!  Herland Report: The president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, US vice president Mike Pence joined the historic ceremony in Jerusalem, the largest ever, commemorating the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz extermination camp and combating anti-Semitism.  (World Holocaust Forum 2020. HRH The Prince of Wales addressing the audience. Feature photo: Herland Report.) More than 1.1 …

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Norway Government collapse over ISIS brides, but Al Qaida ISIS has long been our ally

Siv_Jensen_ Rights.no

Share it!Herland Report: Norway’s governing coalition collapsed on Monday over ISIS repatriation as the Progress Party Norway, FRP left the coalition government. They cited “the last drop” was the Government’s decision to take back the ISIS brides-wives to their countries of origin in the West, since the Al Qaida-ISIS attempt to take power in Syria did not work. We hereby congratulate …

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The Democrat Impeachment Circus Debunked – Paul Craig Roberts

Adam-Schiff-and-House-Impeachment etty

Share it!   Herland Report: Prior to the impeachment of Trump, not by Congress as presstitutes report but by self-interested House Democrats, during the entirety of US history there have been only two attempts to impeach a president—Andrew Johnson in 1868 and 130 years later Bill Clinton in 1998.  The three presidents who have been impeached are much less guilty …

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What Globalism Did Was Transfer US Economy To China – Paul Craig Roberts

Globalism kills nation states big corportions take over Herland Report

Share it!  Herland Report: The main problem with the US economy is that globalism has been deconstructing it. The offshoring of US jobs has reduced US manufacturing and industrial capability and associated innovation, research, development, supply chains, consumer purchasing power, and tax base of state and local governments. Corporations have increased short-term profits at the expense of these long-term costs. …

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Sunday with Denzel Washington philosophy of life: “Have Faith in God, never give up”


Share it!Herland Report: We are celebrating Sunday as the traditional day in Western culture when time is to be spent reflecting on human fellowship, love and the meaning of life. Here with Denzel Washington philosophy of life and vivid message about the top lessons learned from his faith in God. How can we fulfill our dreams, be an inspiration to …

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Paul Craig Roberts: “Herland Report is Important perspective, impressive truth-telling, outstanding work.”

Paul Craig Roberts Hanne Herland Report

Share it!Herland Report: It is our pleasure to notice that leading voices in the United States, such as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, endorses our work in English about the European perspective on world news. Our articles and TV programs are all delivered free of charge. We are one of the few news outlets on the internet with no paywalls. The …

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Leftist ignorance and today’s black and white polarization in Politics WND

Hanne Nabintu Herland, founder of Herland Report

Share it!  Hanne Nabintu Herland: The US assassination of General Qassem Soleimani has illustrated quite well how little many in the West know about the realities on the ground in the various Middle Eastern countries. There is a rampant black and white polarization in Politics. The killing was instantly politicized domestically by Democrats, as if yet another reason to “remove …

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