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Ytringsfrihet har blitt ensbetydende med retten til å mobbe de religiøse, Mohammad Usman Rana, Herland Report

Herland Report TV har gleden av å presentere enda et TV program med Dr. Mohammad Usman Rana, der han trekker frem den innsnevring i valgfrihet som vi nå ser så dramatisk i Norge. Religiøse mennesker – som utgjør over 70 % av den norske befolkningen i følge ISSP 2008 – marginaliseres, mens ateismen får en opphøyet stilling. Dette bryter med …

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EXCLUSIVE HERLAND REPORT interview with leading whistleblower, William Binney: Mass Surveillance State destroys Democracy

The Herland Report is pleased to release the first interview with former NSA director, William E. Binney, who is the co-founder of The Research Center at the National Security Agency’ headquarter in Maryland and senior whistleblower, – the original before Edward Snowden. He uncovered and warned of the mass surveillance done out of the NSA post 9/11.  The Herland Report …

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Interview: How to create Revolution Serbia, Syria – Joaquin Flores

How to create Revolution Serbia, Syria: Joaquin Flores Fort Russ News Herland Report

  Herland Report: How to create Revolution Serbia, Syria: We had the pleasure of a sit-down with political scientist and editor-in-chief of Fort Russ News, Joaquin Flores about how revolutions are planned, community organized and implemented in order to enhance Western Hegemony. We discuss how the “revolutions” in the Balkan and the so-called Arab Spring were engineered and created phenomenons …

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French authorities state Notre Dame “was not arson” before fire is extinguished, read unknown facts on #NotreDame, Robert Steele, Herland Report

Herland Report: The big question is why French authorities stated that the Notre Dame fire was a “mistake due to renovation” even before the fire was extinguished. How did they already know? Why did the media accept the explanation with no further demand for an inquiry, only a state fundraiser to rebuild the church? The Notre Dame in Paris is …

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How to start a Revolution #Ukraine Libya Jugoslavia – Joaquin Flores

Joaquin FLores Herland Report Joaquin

  Herland Report TV: How to start a Revolution: “Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria, Ukraine were all planned revolutions”, says political scientist, graduate from California State University and editor-in-chief of Fort Russ News, Joaquin Flores in this first program in a series for the Herland Report TV. We had the pleasure of a sit down with the accomplished journalist, who has in-depth …

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We feature Cave of Apelles, Odd Nerdrum school of Painting

Øde Nerdrum

Öde S. Nerdrum appears in this program of the Cave of Apelles to talk about his father’s workshop, the current situation for painting, and advise to collectors continuing the Renaissance workshop tradition. Öde Nerdrum paints alongside his father at the Nerdrum Studio in Norway and Sweden. With his mother, Turid Spildo, he reviews applications from people who come to study …

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Iben Thranholm intervjuer Hanne Nabintu: Kvinnene blir taperne av MeToo

Hanne Herland and Iben Thranholm Herland Report photo

Dansk Radio24 ved #MeToo dronningen, Iben Thranholm, intervjuer historiker og grunnlegger for Herland Report, Hanne Herland om MeToo bevegelsens effekt på samfunnet. Kvinnene vil tape på MeToo, sier Herland, som stiller seg meget kritisk til bevegelsens utvikling og hevder at MeToo er politisert i sterkt negativ retning. Tilfeldige “anklager i media” holder for å felle menn uten at saken er prøvet …

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Mueller rapporten har vist verden at Russia Gate var løgn – Hendrik Weber, Folkediplomati Norge

Mueller rapporten ble et sjokk på mainstream media i USA fordi den avslørte tydelig at det ikke foreligger bevis for den såkalte “Russia Gate” eller russisk innblanding i det amerikanske valget i 2016. Alt vi har hørt om i media rundt “russisk innblanding” er altså det reneste oppspinn. Men repeteres et budskap mange nok ganger overfor en befolkning, så tror …

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International break through Herland Report: Interviews with Senators, politicians

Washington Herland Report Hanne

The Herland Report has upcoming interviews with US senators, politicians, professors, former CIA directors, whistleblowers and NSA directors. We also speak to leading lawyers, Judicial Watch, famous journalists and psychologists, as well as bishops, spiritual leaders and leaders from Black Lives Matter. The analysis will present a comprehensive outlook on current international affairs in the months to come, as we …

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Political Islamism is not the religion of Islam – Senior Israeli commentator Yitzhak Santis, Herland Report TV

EXCLUSIVE SHORT from The Herland Report (HTV): “Islamism is an ideology, it is not a religion. It is not the religion of Islam. And these radical Islamist movements are a major threat to Liberal democratic societies,” says Yitzhak Santis, senior writer and analyst at StandWithUs, an Israeli organization that counters Western antisemitism. He is a former chief programs officer at …

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