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Secular Extremism in Europe: Liberals define secularism as atheism, says Usman Rana

Dr. Mohammad Usman Rana, Herland Report

Herland Report TV (HTV): “Increasingly, we are seeing Liberals define secularism as atheism, and neutrality as godlessness,” says Dr. Mohammed Usman Rana, medical doctor, author and famous commentator in the media, in this Herland Report show. His sharp analysis on Western secular extremism and advocacy for free speech and respect for religious plurality has made him an important Scandinavian intellectual …

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Marcuse and The New Left’ desire to silence the Majority – Nabintu, WND

Feminismen har skapt kjønnskrig: Hanne Nabintu Herland Radical Left turned Norway into most Anti-Semitic in the West

  Herland Report: Repression of free speech, tolerance and respect for plurality has become the trademark of the New Left’ desire to silence the Majority. Thinkers like Herbert Marcuse, the father of the student revolution in the 1960’s, speaks openly in A critique of pure tolerance about the need to oppress the views of the majority population in order to succeed in …

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PODCAST Wahhabism Responsible for Extremism today – Ambassador Carl Schiøtz Wibye

Carl Schiøtz Wibye Hanne Nabintu Herland Report

Herland Report host, Hanne Herland speaks to Norway’s former ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Carl Schiøtz Wibye about the history of Saudi extremism, Wahhabism and Islamism. How may the Saudis solve the problem of extremism, and will Crown Prince Salman’s efforts be enough? In order to understand why the current efforts of the Crown Prince to reform Saudi Arabian society are …

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Cave Of Apelles from The Nerdrum School: Why Competition is Neccessary

Sebastian Salvo Cave Of Apelles Nerdrum School Herland Report

Herland Report: In the anniversary episode of The Nerdrum School initiative, Cave of Apelles, host Jan-Ove Tuv invites the painter Sebastian Salvo back to the show to talk about composition, the early Renaissance and the importance of competition among painters. ALSO READ: Cave of Apelles by The Nerdrum School: Figurative Classical Painting in China, Cheng Wu, Herland Report. READ MORE: …

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