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Hvorfor skjules faren ved mobilstråling, elektromagnetisk stråling koblet mot kreft? Einar Flydal, Herland Report TV

Herland Report TV: Hvor objektiv er forskningen egentlig? Hvor mye påvirkes forskningsresultatene av hvem som finansierer forskningen? Hvor tett er koblingen mellom markedsinteresser og forskningsrapporter slik at viktige funn om faren for kreft ved elektromagnetisk stråling skjules? “Helserisikoen ved mobilbruk og elektromagnetisk stråling burde vært diskutert mye mer,” sier samfunnsviter, pensjonert forsker og rådgiver hos Telenor og universitetslektor ved NTNU, ... Read More »

Technology makes Fake Reality indistinguishable from Real Reality – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Herland Report

Tyler Durden on Zero Hedge reports that the ability to falsify reality is growing by leaps and bounds.  Thoughtless geeks have now developed technology that makes fake reality indistinguishable from real reality.  Why is it that tech geeks take pride in developing technology that makes truth even harder to find?  What is wrong with their character as humans that they create methods ... Read More »

Insektene dør, biene forsvinner, men få forsker på #Mobilindustrien og farene ved stråling, Einar Flydal, Herland Report

Da jeg var ung og nysgjerrig, leste jeg at insektene kom til å arve Jorda når menneskene hadde gjort den ubeboelig av radioaktiv stråling. For insektene var så robuste mot radioaktiv stråling, hadde forskere funnet ut. Men det var den gang det var normalt å ha fluer på kjøkkenet og humler i blomsterkassene på balkongen. Få tenkte på at insektene ... Read More »

Black Lives Matter: When a group become disenfranchised long enough, they will rise up – Devon Johnson, Herland Report

EXCLUSIVE SHORT Herland Report TV (HTV): “Black Lives Matter was not our ideal solution, but because no one has done anything who had the power to change the situation, we take matters into our own hands and start movements,” says Reverend Devon Johnson. He has traveled America speaking on college campuses and is one of the spiritual leaders in America ... Read More »

Jordan Peterson on God and Catholicism: ‘That’s as sane as people can get’ – Herland Report

Speaking with one of the best-known conservative Jews, Dennis Prager, at the PragerU summit last week, world-famous psychologist Jordan Peterson spoke of God and his views of faith. After speaking about his dislike for the question ‘Do you believe in God?’ Peterson said, “I think that Catholicism — that’s as sane as people can get.” Peterson has often been asked about ... Read More »

Edward Snowden: We’re in the midst of the greatest redistribution of power since the Industrial Revolution, technology provides new capabilities, Herland Report

The only way to safeguard our freedoms is to know when they’re being threatened. Unfortunately, the mainstream media fails to inform us of these threats, instead focusing on celebrity gossip and political punditry. That is where Freedom Watch comes in, homing in on the gravest threats to our civil liberties and human rights by highlighting news reports and investigative stories ... Read More »

Markus Andersson’s “Swedish Scapegoats”, a story of how character assasinations are done in Liberal Sweden, Herland Report

Politically motivated character assasinations has probably been the most popular method among the New Left in order to silence opposition from the majority population. Herbert Marcuse, the father of the radical culture revolution in the 1960’s spoke openly in A critique of Pure Tolerance about the need to oppress the views of the majority population in order to succeed in ... Read More »

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