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Gaddafi’s wife, Safia Farkash and Aisha Gaddafi still on travel ban, no access to accounts

Safia Farkash Aisha Gaddafi Herland Report

It is hard to find anything positive to say about the NATO assault on Libya, 2011. It is now common knowledge that what the Americans did was help the Al Qaida affiliated groups to power. Since then, Libya, a country still controlled by the West, has plunged into a dehumanizing civil war, with various war lords controlling prisons and terrorizing …

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Shocking Media lies about Libya War: Gaddafi, Sarkozy’s vendetta and exile-Libyans’ role

Gaddafi Sarkozy AFP Herland Report

Herland Report: Today, eight years ago, the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was brutally killed in Libya. As the Libyan civil war rages on, we would like to republish this article, which sums up the level of corruption connected to the still unresolved Libya war case: The UK published its report in 2016, and its examination revealed extensive misinformation and fake news …

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Medieløgnene om Libya krigen: Gaddafi, Sarkozy og eksil-libyeres rolle

I dag er det åtte år siden Libyas leder, Muammar Gaddafi ble brutalt myrdet i Libya. Vi republiserer denne artikkelen for å rette fokus på Libyas fortsatt blodige borgerkrig og uløste konflikt: Storbritannia leverte sin i 2016 og undersøkelsen viste massiv feilinformasjon og Fake News fra de ledende mediene. En lang rekke avgjørende løgner ble presentert i media om Gaddafi …

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The ongoing looting of Africa under corrupt African leaders’ watch – #GeorgeSoros #OpenSociety

Washing copper Africa exploited Herland Report AP

In light of the current globalist trend where financial acrobats are rigging and manipulating the financial markets in – one may assume – an unprecedented scale, Africa is a continent worth looking at. Hedge fund managers such as George Soros has long been invested in the continent, this article explains how. Anglo-Dutch cartels in oil, strategic minerals, and diamonds, have …

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Recalling the CNN editor: “Russia Gate is bullsh*t, Americans are “stupid as sh*t”

The recent ABC airing of fake Syria clips, allegedly showing “Turkish atrocities against Kurdish villages” while the clips were from a Kentucky machine gun show, is yet another example of media manipulations. The rampant politization of the media is becoming a horror show. Let us revisit the notorious CNN editor who openly stated that RussiaGate was a hoax, years before …

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#FakeNews: ABC airs US machine gun show as “Turkish bombing of Kurdish civilians” #Syria

ABC Syria scam 2019 Herland Report

Herland Report: Honesty in journalism is hard to find nowadays. The stories of fraud, lies, fake news and manipulated stories in order to fit some political agenda has become mainstream. The clips where CNN editors openly stated that everyone knows that “RussiaGate is bu¤¤sh¤¤”, are notorious, stating CNN only used the story to boost ratings. The story of how World …

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The Plague of Western Adventurism in Syria, all about Geo Politics #Erdogan – Steve Brown

Bashar al Assad Syria Donald Trump

The Russian and Turkish leadership attended a summit in Ankara on September 16th, 2019, where the two leaders agreed to cooperate in Syria. Besides such cooperation, Mr Erdogan and Mr Putin also committed to the future of the Turkstream pipeline. And at the MAKs air show, Mr Erdogan expressed his great interest in the potential purchase of SU-35 fighter jets, …

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Russian Defense Minister: Declining West Cannot Be Trusted

Poverty in America, Huffington Herland Report

Herland Report: The current level of divisiveness in the declining West is sad to watch. The stupidities of the American political and media theatre on impeachments and ongoing allegations of treason and who-lied-to-who is a complete mess. It demonstrates to the world that we have lost order, respect and cultural dignity. Our civilization used to be a beacon of light …

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Muslimske Trond Ali Linstad truet på livet av islamister, uten politireaksjon

Trond Ali Linstad

I Oslo trues den kjente, norske muslimen Trond Ali Linstad åpenlyst av islamister, med straff som kan være døden, uten at norske myndigheter reagerer. Linstad skriver om det i Aftenposten, melder fra til PST, politi. Likevel skjer intet. Nylig ble fire politimenn i Frankrike knivstukket og drept av en salafist. Man kjenner til at intoleransen innad i salafistmiljøer gjør at …

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Raphael Israeli: Dangerous parallel societies in Europe

Raphael Israeli islamikaze Herland Report

 Herland Report TV: We sat down with Dr. Raphael Israeli, the man who invented the term “Islamikaze”,Professor of Middle Eastern, Islamic and Chinese history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, fellow at Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace and the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. He is one of the front experts on the self-sacrifice method in Islam, the …

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