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The Herland Report Middle East section features news and cultural analysis from the Middle East, with frequent articles by leading intellectuals.

Før Libya krigen 2011: Afrikas rikeste land, nå grusom krig #Jonas Gahr Støre – Hanne Nabintu Herland, Herland Report

Muammar Gaddafi UN Herland Report

Share the articleStortingets utenrikskomité har vedtatt at det skal foretas en uavhengig gransking av Norges deltagelse i Libya krigen. Iden forbindelse vil vi publisere noen få artikler om temaet, som kan bistå utvalget i dette viktige arbeidet for å avdekke hvorvidt FN resolusjonen om å “ta ansvar for å beskytte sivile” var et påskudd for å gjennomføre et militærkupp eller ... Read More »

Libya and the ICC: not indicting Khalifa Haftar makes mockery of international justice, Herland Report

Share the articleThe International Criminal Court (ICC) is under pressure to prosecute Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar for crimes against humanity during the civil war that has devastated the country. London-based human rights lawyers Guernica 37 submitted a dossier to the court about Haftar and his forces that included allegations of torture, summary executions and excessive destruction, writes Ilia Xypolia, research ... Read More »

Herland Report: NATO’s role in Libya war is one of the worst examples of Western assault in modern history, Hanne Nabintu Herland

Share the articleIn our lifetime NATO has gone from being a transatlantic defense organization to an aggressive political alliance which attacks weak states wherever American interests are threatened.  NATO’s brutal war and contribution to genocide in Libya is one of the worst examples of Western assault in modern history. In a just world the politically responsible Western authorities would have ... Read More »

A tribute to the Coptic Christians in Egypt, our brothers and sisters in the Christian Faith, Herland Report

Share the articleIn a time like ours when different minorities in the Middle East, such as the Coptic Christians of Egypt, are experiencing an unprecedented degree of persecution from Islamists in the region, songs like these remind us of the multicultural fabric of nations such as Egypt. It is an ethnic mosaic which is a beautiful testament to the diversity ... Read More »

Before 2011, Libya was Africa’s richest country—now a scene of horrifying atrocities  – Hanne Nabintu Herland, Herland Report

Share the articleA number of European countries now conduct independent investigations into the NATO involvement in the Libya War, 2011.  The aim is to uncover whether the UN resolution on taking “responsibility for protecting civilians” was an excuse to stage a military coup or if it came of a genuine desire to “protect the population”.  A population that to this ... Read More »

Khaled K. Al-Hamedi: Prosecuting NATO for War Crimes in Libya – horrendous atrocities against civilians, Herland Report

Share the articleKhalid al-Khuwaildi al-Humaidi, President of the International Organization for Peace, Care and Relief (IOPCR ), sued NATO for its “crimes” against Libyan civilians. He, alone, lost 13 members of his family because of the bombing, including two of his sons, his pregnant wife, his niece, aunt and a cousin. Members of the same family, including his mother, father, ... Read More »

Total Scandal: The Norwegian Aid Industry only funds Al Nusra and rebel held areas in Syria – Eva Thomassen, Herland Report

Share the articleNorwegian NGOs are smuggling millions of our tax money into Syria and that they are working with terrorist groups. The areas into which they are funnelling our money are controlled by terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda and are considered so dangerous that they do not dare to send in their own personnel, writes Eva Thomassen. The Norwegian government ... Read More »

Bistandsmidler til opprørskontrollerte områder i Syria: Hvor går pengene egentlig? Krigsreporter Eva Thomassen, Herland Report

Share the articleEva Thomassen nektes tilsvarsretten i VG, i kjølvannet av Faktisk.no (som eies av de ledende mediene) i VG “faktasjekket” en setning i et lengre Thomassen argument. Hennes svar, som VG altså nekter å trykke, fremgår nedenfor med tilleggskommentarer. 27.10 blir jeg i VG gjenstand for et massivt personangrep fra Faktisk.no som påstår at jeg lyver når jeg sier ... Read More »

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