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Silicon Valley guru Jaron Lanier: Too many controlling Facebook algorithms

Jaron Lanier Channel 4 on Facebook algorithms Herland Report

Share this article!The amount of Facebook algorithms is at an all time high, most people reaching only to a few of their friends now. What used to be a free spirited platform for everyone, is now probably the most censored platforms. All over the world people complain about being shut down, account deleted, posts “against community standards.” What they did …

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Høstens serie: Lever vi i et folkestyre eller i et oligarki? – Hanne Nabintu

Erna Solberg Nettavisen Herland Report

Share this article!Herland Report: Hva skjer når politiske partier blir klikker som opererer stadig mer som oligarki karteller? Hva når politikken – som handler om fordelingen av nasjonale goder – i altfor stor grad styres av pengesterke lobbygrupper som er finansiert av markedsinteresser? Definitivt svekkes demokratiet fordi det er ikke lenger hensynet til folkets beste som teller. Dette er en …

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Hatred of the White Hetero Male: Interview with leading economist, Dr. Paul C. Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts Hanne Herland Report

Share this article!We had the privilege of a sit down with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, one of the leading political economists in the USA, awarded by the Treasury Department’s for “his outstanding contributions to the formulation of United States economic policy.”  He is also the chairman of the Institute for Political Economy, a former Wall Street editor and an author of …

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Federal Reserve rigging bond markets, do financial markets still exist?

Paul Craig Roberts

Share this article!For many decades the Federal Reserve has rigged the bond market by its purchases. And for about a century, central banks have set interest rates (mainly to stabilize their currency’s exchange rate) with collateral effects on securities prices, writes Dr. Paul Craig Roberts with Dave Kranzler and Michael Hudson. Subscribe to Herland Report TV No one should find …

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Shocking: Rich White Business Men control the Transgender market

Transgenderism Shutterstock Herland Report

Share this article! The Transgender market is funded by exceedingly rich, white men (and women) who invest in biomedical companies. They are funding myriad transgender organizations whose agenda will make them gobs of money, writes artist, environmental activist and writer, Jennifer Bilek at The Federalist:  As an environmental activist who was deplatformed from a speaking venue by transactivists, in 2013 I developed …

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Bompengepartiet illustrerer politikerforakten, større enn AP i Bergen, Hanne Nabintu Herland

Lars Rønbeck Hanne Herland Report

Share this article!Avdemokratiseringen som ligger i at lobbygrupper og markedskrefter i for stor grad preger politikken og politiske avgjørelser, har lenge vært et økende problem i Vesten generelt. Dette er et av tegnene på at noe er fundamentalt galt med parlamentarismen vår og viser at folkemeningen ikke er så viktig lenger for politikere. De har andre og mer viktige hensyn …

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Over 70 % in US/UK say the Media lies #FakeNews

Huffington post media lies Trump

Share this article!The numbers are remarkably high: Two-thirds of Americans say that they do not believe what they hear in the mainstream media to be true. The numbers are even higher for Great Britain. This sentiment is held by a majority of voters across the ideological spectrum. These are data from the Harvard-Harris poll and address the dramatic changes the …

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Why did the West support the Marxist ANC takeover in South Africa?

Share this article!As South Africa is struggling with yet another Race War, journalist Anthony LoBaido, who has travelled extensively across Southern Africa, elaborates at WND on the atrocities of the Marxist ANC in the past. The article is worth reading, as it describes some of the elements of South African history that is puzzling: Why did Britain suddenly support a …

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Cave of Apelles by Nerdrum School: Joakim Ericsson on life in Gaming

Cave of Apelles Joakim Ericsson

Share this article!Co-founder and former Academic Director of the Florence Academy of Art in Gothenburg, Joakim Ericsson, is a creator of fantasy worlds and peak moments. In this month’s Cave of Apelles, he shares his story of how he went from being a classical painter and successful instructor to becoming a digital painter working in the gaming industry. When Jan-Ove …

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A critical examination of the 9/11 official story, Hanne Nabintu, WND

9/11 World Trade Center attack 2001 Getty Herland Report

Share this article!Over the years many have questioned what really happened during the 9/11 World Trade Center attack in New York, 2001, when Al Qaida linked Islamists hijacked airplanes and performed suicide attacks in the US. World Trade Center Building 7 has remained a mystery, as no planes were flown into this building, yet it collapsed just like the airplane-attacked …

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