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The Fake Charge Against Julian Assange Proves That the US Government Has No Integrity, Paul C. Roberts, Herland Report

Share it!Let’s be sure that we understand that Assange is not charged with anything related to Russia or Russiagate or even with breaking a law. Assange is charged with being in a conspiracy with Manning “to commit computer intrusion.” The charge is not that Assange succeeded in hacking a government computer and obtaining classified information. It merely says that Assange …

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NATO is no longer the NATO we knew – now a global attack force wherever US economic interests are threatened, Hanne Herland, Herland Report

Share it!The Norwegian NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg is sadly still in office and the very best puppet of the US Liberals, so good at parroting the wishes of the establishment that he recently was awarded an extended term – which is very rare. Most heads of NATO last maximum 5 years. Apparently the reason for socialist Stoltenberg’s extended term …

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Julian Assange is arrested in London for his journalism, Catelyn Johnston, Herland Report

Share it!The reactions are strong all over the world as the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange has been forcefully removed from the Ecuadorian embassy and arrested in London. Note that the International Monetary Fund recently awarded Equador a 4.2 billion USD loan. Rogue journalist, followed by many of the leading Western thinkers, Catelyn Johnston has the following reaction: WikiLeaks founder …

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Chelsea Manning thrown behind bars for an indeterminate period of incarceration, Ron Paul Institute

Share it!Chelsea Manning, the Army whistleblower who released hundreds of thousands of pages of classified documents to Wikileaks in 2011 and who called attention to war crimes committed by US troops, is back in jail. In fact, she’s been there for a month—not that the mainstream media cares. What’s another whistleblower locked up, writes Ron Paul Institute, courtesy American Conservative.  But Manning …

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Jens Stoltenbergs tale i Kongressen: Grenseløs frekkhet, løgnaktighet og hykleri – Pål Steigan, Herland Report

Share it!Så har Jens Stoltenberg fått sine våte drømmer oppfylt. Han har fått tale til Kongressen i USA og blitt møtt med ovasjoner og stående applaus. Og her hjemme er naturligvis mediene over seg i begeistring. Men det var en farlig og løgnaktig tale Stoltenberg holdt. Talerskriverne hadde naturligvis skapt en tale som skulle innynde seg i Kongressen og spille …

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NATO 70 years: NATO changed from defense organization to global attack force – Hanne N. Herland Report

Share it!In Norway, we are cursed by having the Norwegian NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg still in office. He is the very best puppet of the globalist elite, so good at parroting the wishes of the neo-cons that he recently was awarded an extended term – which is very rare. Most heads of NATO last maximum 5 years. Apparently the …

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Jared Kushner: Greed, ambition, corruption or honest man? Robert Steele

Share it!As a professional intelligence officer with counterintelligence experience, there is absolutely no question in my mind but that my CIA colleagues were 100% on the money when they denied Jared Kushner the security clearances necessary to be effective in the White House, the pinnacle of national and global power, writes Robert Steele on Vicky Ward’s new book “Kushner Inc. …

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Meningsmangfold er blitt folkefienden: Sjikanering, maktretorikk, faktafeil – VGs faktafeil i omtalen av The Herland Report

Share it!VG skandalen har dokumentert at VG fabrikkerte løgn om en av kvinnene som Trond Giske ble kritisert for å behandle dårlig i MeToo saken. Det samme gjaldt en annen kvinne som også bekrefter at VG ikke opptrådte sannferdig. Herland Report forsvarte også Trond Giske den gangen, og etterlyste andre sider av saken enn Hadja Tajiks og den notoriske Jonas …

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Russia Gate goes down in history as a remarkable display of American stupidity

Hanne Nabintu Herland Report

Share it! In a Fort Russ News article, Hanne Herland writes: In case anybody wonders, we look like idiots to the Russians, not even being able to stop this embarrassing story of lies before. Judicial Watch’ president, Tom Fitton describes Russia Gate as a Deep State coup attempt, an ongoing mutiny against the people’s choice for President in the United States. …

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World Trade tvillingtårnene og 9-11: Den som stiller spørsmål, møter massiv kritikk. Hvorfor? Dr. Niels Harrit, Herland Report

Share it!Søndag 31 mars kl 14:30 holder Dr. Niels Harrit, lic.scient., lektor emeritus ved Københavns Universitet et foredrag ved Oslo Litteraturhuset, Wergelandsveien 29, 0167 Oslo, der temaet “Det syvende tårn, en skjebnesvanger historie fra nåtiden” og 9-11 diskuteres. Det skjer i forbindelse med bokutgivelsen av Trond Skaftnesmos bok, “TabuTema 911”, på Paradigmeskifte Forlag.  Skaftnesmoen holder foredrag om boken kl 12, …

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