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NEW SHOW: The Liberal-Progressive hatred towards the white, heterosexual male – Dr. Paul C. Roberts, Herland Report

“The new victim group are white, heterosexual males who are defenseless, they are not protected by quotas, prohibitions against hate speech or hate crimes,” says Dr. Paul Craig Roberts in this exclusive short for the upcoming programs on the Herland Report TV (HTV). Dr. Roberts is chairman of The Institute for Political Economy. He is also a former editor of ... Read More »

The American Genocide? The post Reich years and Eisenhower’s Starvation Order in Europe – James Bacque, Herland Report

Read the Crimes and Mercies. The Fate of German Civilians Under Allied Occupation by James Bacque’ account of the German misery from 1945 through 1949,the years after the Reich fell and America became the superpower in Europe. Few speaks about this era, as President Eisenhower made it a crime punishable by death to feed the prisoners of war. Some call ... Read More »

The “fact-checking” frenzy: Globalist’ owned media wants to Stop National Security #TrumpSpeech, Herland Report

To break it down: Immediately after the President Trump’s speech on the border wall, escalating a stand-off with Congress, the mainstream American media and leading members of the Democratic Party erupted in a mass “fact-checking” frenzy that made the speech the most “fact-checked” in history.  Daily Caller pointed out that the “fact-checking” told the audience more about the journalists behind ... Read More »

Why do Democrats fight President Trump’s effort to stop human trafficking, illegal activity, drug import, illegal immigration? Dr. Judith Reisman, Herland Report

Why does the Democratic Party leadership refuse to build the wall they know will discourage illegal penetration of our country? Are they indifferent to the tragic reality of human trafficking? The U.S. State Department estimates that 14,500 to 17,500, or in some cases as many as 19,000, foreign nationals are trafficked into the United States each year. By July 2018, ... Read More »

Candace Owens: My “Make America Great Again” hat is a sign of freedom. Liberals can’t control me because of the color of my skin – Sargon of Akkad, Herland Report

“People ask me why I wear my MAGA hat (Make America Great Again) through airports. To me it is a symbol to Liberals that they can’t own me because of the color of my skin. I am a free, black person. That is what the Maga hat (Make America Great Again) means to me.” “You can’t tell me who I ... Read More »

Alternatives to Facebook-Google are being established, as censorship roar – Daily Caller

The creators of TrumpTown.com — a new Facebook alternative for conservatives — have launched an emergency initiative through GoFundMe to help fund their fight against the extreme censorship of mainstream social networks like Facebook and Twitter, writes Ron Johnson at Daily Caller. While TrumpTown.com’s soft launch in November, 2018 was a roaring success, just like any other internet start-up, securing funding to help maintain ... Read More »

Ekspert på norrøn tro, Lars Magnar Enoksen om vikingtid, Tor og Odin, Herland Report

Vi samtaler med den kjente eksperten på Tor, Odin og norrøn tro, Lars Magnar Enoksen. Han er grunnlegger av den moderne skandinaviske kampsporten “Glimabryting,” som tar utgangspunkt i vikingenes egne bryteformer. Enoksen forteller levende om vikingtiden i dette Herland Report opptaket og forklarer at feighet – og å unngå kampmodus, ikke våge å sloss – var på vikingtiden ensbetydende med ... Read More »

Skoler verden over legger bort mobilene: Betydelig helserisiko ved elektromagnetisk stråling, Einar Flydal

NRK slår på årets første arbeidsdag, 2.1.2019, stort opp at tusen norske skoler nå har mobilforbud. Begrunnelsen er knyttet til pedagogikk og sosialt miljø. Det er vel og bra. Men ute i resten av verden, ikke minst i Frankrike som det ofte vises til, er der også en annen vesentlig begrunnelse: helserisiko knyttet til stadig økende elektromagnetisk stråling. Lærerprofesjonens etiske råd ... Read More »

The Demise of the West: Do White People Have A Future? #ANC #SouthAfrica, Dr. Paul C. Roberts, Herland Report

Identity Politics is now the defining characteristic of the liberal/progressive/left and the political ideology of the Democratic Party. It is an ideology of hatred preached against people whose skin is white. Identity Politics is completely inconsistent with a multicultural society, writes political economist, Dr. Paul C. Roberts. The West used economic pressure to force South Africa to turn over the ... Read More »

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