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The new, extreme-liberal West – excerpt from new book “The Culture War”, by Hanne Nabintu Herland

It can be argued that the extreme-liberal society displays such a shocking lack of morality and solidarity. We wish for the past as the lesser evil than today’s extreme liberal elites, writes Hanne Nabintu Herland in the new book The Culture War. How the West lost its greatness. In recent decades, Western culture has undergone dramatic changes. Radical new elites …

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Bishop Harry Jackson TED Talk on social injustice and how to handle racism – The Herland Report

Bishop Harry Jackson argues that if  the US is going to be healed from hatred and racism, there is a need for a new civil rights movement, not just from the black community. Everyone needs to be involved in building bridges to peace, and work collaboratively to create a nation that people want to live in – the dream that …

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International book launch: The Culture War, how the West lost its Greatness – Hanne Nabintu Herland

The new book from bestselling author, Hanne Nabintu Herland, The Culture War. How the West lost its Greatness is now launched in the US and available in many countries around the globe. It outlines how the West lost its values, causing its current decline. It is a forceful attack on the extreme-liberal ideologies that have permeated Western culture and weakened …

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The slave is our brother, we are to love one another – O Holy Night – Kerrie Roberts

The Christmas season gives us traditional songs and hymns that reminds us of the true message of Christmas: God’s love for human kind and that we all are brothers and sisters. Listen to this beautiful hymn by Kerrie Roberts.

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Mormon Tabernacle Choir: O Night Divine when Jesus was Born – Merry Christmas to all believers

As Christmas is near, listen to this beautiful Christmas Carol. Millions watch Herland Report TV. Subscribe:

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Dagens VG Papir: Herland Report om Anders Giævers kamp for å strupe ned meningsmangfold – Hanne Nabintu Herland, Herland Report

Anders Giævers angrep på nettstedet The Herland Report og TV kanalen ble et glitrende eksempel nettopp på den type drittsekkjournalistikk som har vært praktisert i så mange år. (Dagens VG publiserer mitt svar til Giæver i papiravisen, vi går ut fra at innlegget snart legges ut på nettet slik at jeg ikke bare får “halv tilsvarsrett”, ettersom Giævers innlegg også …

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Society in the times of the Old Testament Prophets and whistleblowers – What can we learn? Dr. Samantha Hewavitharana, Herland Report

Samantha Hewavitharana is a doctor of medicine with a special interest in theology and matters of the different religions. Before Christmas, we want to focus on spiritual stories, in this article on the Old Testament Prophets. “The Prophets were not only people who predicted the future; they were also the world’s first “whistle-blowers.” Criticizing kings, elders and society, they were …

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NRK Dagsnytt om TV kanalen Herland Report som irriterer ensrettede VG – Hanne Nabintu Herland

TV kanalen er tilknyttet nettstedet med samme navn, som tverrpolitisk publiserer artikler, kommentarer, intervjuer med frittalende fritenkere, samt har TV intervjuer med ledende intellektuelle, forfattere, aktivister og andre. Vi samarbeider bredt med internasjonale aktører og publiserer både på engelsk, norsk og arabisk, med den hensikt å belyse andre sider ved saker enn det vi ofte blir presentert for i våre …

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Før Libya krigen 2011: Afrikas rikeste land, nå grusom krig #Jonas Gahr Støre – Hanne Nabintu Herland, Herland Report

Muammar Gaddafi UN Herland Report

Stortingets utenrikskomité har vedtatt at det skal foretas en uavhengig gransking av Norges deltagelse i Libya krigen. Iden forbindelse vil vi publisere noen få artikler om temaet, som kan bistå utvalget i dette viktige arbeidet for å avdekke hvorvidt FN resolusjonen om å “ta ansvar for å beskytte sivile” var et påskudd for å gjennomføre et militærkupp eller et reelt …

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Libya and the ICC: not indicting Khalifa Haftar makes mockery of international justice, Herland Report

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is under pressure to prosecute Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar for crimes against humanity during the civil war that has devastated the country. London-based human rights lawyers Guernica 37 submitted a dossier to the court about Haftar and his forces that included allegations of torture, summary executions and excessive destruction, writes Ilia Xypolia, research fellow at …

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