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Sunday with Denzel Washington philosophy of life: “Have Faith in God, never give up”


Herland Report: We are celebrating Sunday as the traditional day in Western culture when time is to be spent reflecting on human fellowship, love and the meaning of life. Here with Denzel Washington philosophy of life and vivid message about the top lessons learned from his faith in God. How can we fulfill our dreams, be an inspiration to others, …

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Paul Craig Roberts about Herland Report: “Important perspective, impressive truth-telling, outstanding work.”

Paul Craig Roberts Hanne Herland Report

Herland Report: It is our pleasure to notice that leading voices in the United States, such as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, endorses our work in English about the European perspective on world news. Our articles and TV programs are all delivered free of charge. We are one of the few news outlets on the internet with no paywalls. The Herland …

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The Artificial Intelligence Machines Train us for Obedience – Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts Herland Report

Herland Report: “One day the system failed, no one knew how to fix the system. It was Mad comics version of Armageddon. I think that is where the digital revolution is taking us.” Many decades ago there was an issue of Mad comics that portrayed a future time when everything was done by robots and humans had no function. One day …

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Islamic Persecution of Christians seldom criticized in the West #Soleimani Iran


  Herland Report:  Why does the Liberal West so often refuse to criticize Islamic persecution of Christians in the Middle East?  The past years, we have seen a near genocidal situation for minorities, millions of Christians leaving the Middle East. At the same time and since the 1980’s, the Wahhabi radicalization of Islam has swept through the Middle Eastern Muslim communities, …

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Are There Patriot Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense Systems in Iraq?


Herland Report: Certainly the US military limits information about the Patriot Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense Systems deployed at particular bases and quite rightly so. However the US media has publicly stated that there are no Patriot missile defense systems at US military bases in Iraq. It’s important to know the truth, in consideration of the Iran strikes on US bases in Iraq …

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Leftist ignorance and today’s black and white polarization in Politics

Hanne Nabintu Herland, founder of Herland Report

  Hanne Nabintu Herland: The US assassination of General Qassem Soleimani has illustrated quite well how little many in the West know about the realities on the ground in the various Middle Eastern countries. There is a rampant black and white polarization in Politics. The killing was instantly politicized domestically by Democrats, as if yet another reason to “remove Trump” …

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Iran strike in Iraq was pre-arranged with US, symbolic military action, no lives lost

Trump Soleimani Iran Business Insider

  Herland Report: Steve Brown: Subsequent to the US strike on Iran’s military leader Suleimani in Iraq, most analysts believed that Iran would retaliate right away with attacks on US bases in Iraq, perhaps resulting in a broader war. Others, including this author, believed Iran’s leadership would bide its time, seek the moral high ground, and retaliate later on in an …

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Extremely dangerous to idealize one party in a war #Soleimani

Soleimani Iran UpNewsInfo teens in burka crying

Herland Report: We recently commented on the peculiar tendency in foreign policy to categorize reality into either “good” or “bad” nations. Some countries are considered “good”, others “evil regimes,” corresponding on a regular basis to the geopolitical and economic quest of each nation for territorial dominion. To US Liberal Democrats and Hollywood, it seemed that Iran is “the good nation”, …

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Behind the Scenes of US – Iran Relations: Agreement for Both to leave Middle East

Donald Trump NBC

  Herland Report: By having Iranian General Qassem Soleimani assassinated in Iraq, “President Trump nearly provoked the Third World War”. At least that is the version of the US opposition and the international press, writes Thierry Meyssan, first published at Voltaire Network. Yet, what is really happening is very different from the show on stage: There is a move towards …

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Impeachment SHOCK, listen to how Nancy Pelosi explains how Democrats smear and lie

Nancy-Pelosi-Shutterstock Herland Report

  Herland Report: The ongoing political civil war in the United States, and attempted coup against the duly elected president, Donald Trump steadily puts the corruption within the Democratic Party forefront. American corruption on State level is now so obvious that leading intellectuals, openly speak of attempted coup d’etat in America. Yesterday’s impeachment hearings in Congress revealed that Nancy Pelosi …

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