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Bishop Harry Jackson in a new series of TV programs at Herland Report: We need forgiveness, not hatred

The Herland Report TV (HTV): “America has always had racism fuelled by fear and pride underneath the surface. There was a time when a man with my skin colour looking at a beautiful woman with your kind of eyes, I would only have to raise my voice and say “you’re cute” and I would me lynched. On the spot. That is the America that existed in the 30s, 40s and the 50s,” says Bishop Harry Jackson, a leading American social conservative activist, commentator, author, a famous lecturer.

Jackson holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. Jackson is a regular guest in the leading US media outlets, such as The News Hour, CBS, 700 Club, CBN, and has been featured in articles in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Baltimore Sun, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Chicago Defender. Bishop Jackson currently resides as the Bishop of International Communion of Evangelical Churches.

He states: “I believe we are in a time in which God himself is exposing America and saying this is who we really are. And before your viewers get angry at me, I want to say that racism is not only a white man’s problem.”

“We got some horrible racists who are talking about taking up arms. Many people who have been in this nation feel like their only hope is to take up arms and retaliate. Like the guy in Dallas, who took up arms and started killing policemen. That was a manifestation of race masked by somewhat religious convictions. But, in my opinion it was inspired by darkness and demonic energy.”

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