Simon Sinek on Failed Parent Strategy bring Lazy Entitled Generation

Simon Sinek on Failed Parenthood, “The entitlement Generation” born after 1984, who expect parents to “serve” them, always being told how valuable they are without having achieved anything at all. They were told that they were special all the time, and that they can have anything they want. They are used to instant gratification. They get “participation medals”, even if they were worst in class. Research shows how this produces the Millenials Generation of lazy, entitled young people who think that the world exists only to their own benefit. Once they engage in the real world, they find out that they do not get all that they want, their parents cannot help them anymore. This, in turn, produces depression and low self-esteem, – which characterizes this Millenials, it leads to a failed generation of young people, incapable of handling the roughness of the real world and work their way through problems without wining and crying about “somebody hurt my feelings”.

The presise same young who are the product of these failed parent strategies that became so popular in the 1960’s, are even more than others eligible to computer addictions and the nowadays chronic use of cell phones and social media. A young person will be addicted to the dopamine of receiving “likes”, constantly fussing about the need to be present on social media. He has little to show for, few accomplishments in real life. The search for the approval for the peers is very important in adolescence. The effects of alcohol also spills into this, as alcohol helps relieve the stress of life, the requirements that one is not able to handle and so on. Alcohol is not bad, Facebook in itself is not bad, but too much alcohol and too great dependency on being “liked on Facebook” is what creates the problem in many young minds.

The reason why people drink too much, is to cope with the social stress, the career stress, the pressures of modern life, one may say. Too many in the Millenial generation, state that due to the heavy use of both alcohol – which brings pleasant dopamines to the brain, and as well social media – which has the same effect of being “liked” and “supported” by friends you only see on the internet, many young state that they develop a sense of inability to form deep, meaningful relationships to others. They are so used to, from childhood, to get instant gratification, that to work hard to achieve something, is very hard for them. And since hard work is the only way to achieving something in life, many end up failing in life.

Science and reports show that people who spend more time on Facebook, suffer higher rates of depression than those who do not. If you put the cell phone on the table when meeting someone, or even worse, start to use it, you are saying to the other person in the room: “You are not that important to me”. Many have a social media addiction.

Hear Sinek speak about this in an episode of Inside Quest.

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