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Famous Columbia professor Jeffrey Sachs on Syria: We sent in the CIA in covert operations to overthrow Assad, Herland Report

Professor at Columbia, Jeffrey Sachs admits that the CIA instigated the insurgency in Syria, adressing the issue on national television in America, at the MSNBC studio, shocking the panelists. (Photo: President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad. BBC)

Dr. Sachs, who is one of the most renouned US professors, said about Syria: “We have to step back and not put this in partisan terms. This is a US mistake and it started seven years ago when president Obama said that Assad must go.”

“So, how is he going to do that, where is the policy for that? We know they sent in the CIA to overthrow Assad, the CIA and Saudi together in covert operations, it was a disaster. Eventually it brought in ISIS as a splinter group to the jihadist groups that went in, and it also brought in Russia.”

“So we have been digging deeper and deeper and deeper. What we should do now is get out, not continue to throw missiles, not have a confrontation with Russia. Seven years have been a disaster under Obama, continuing under Trump. This is the permanent state, the CIA, the Pentagon wanting to do that.”


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Watch the Jimmy Dore show below, excerpts of Dr. Jeffrey Sachs here: “So, we have made a proxy war in Syria. It has killed 500 000 people, displaced 10 millions, and I would say, predictably so and I predicted it seven years ago that there was no way to do this, that it make be a complete chaos.”

“So, I would plea to president Trump, just get out. His instinct is right: Get out! Yet, then all the establishment, the New York Post, the CIA, the Pentagon said that was irresponsible. Yet, his instinct was right, just get out.”

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