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The complete change of tone in NATO – Jens Stoltenberg’s sad demise as US puppet, Herland Report

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NATO pulls out of Syria and now suspends spying flights. according to VoltaireNet. The sad demise of NATO as US puppet continues, although this time at least along more constructive lines. The content of the NATO press conferences have changed dramatically after President Trump.
Under Obama, General Secretary of NATO, Mr. Jens Stoltenberg chronically spoke of the need to “escalate NATO along Russian borders, the Russian threat, Russia and ISIS stated in the same sentence as NATO enemies”, mimicking the very rhetoric that characterized the Obama administration.

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                     The very minute President Trump takes the stage and even before he entered office, Mr. Stoltenberg completely changed his statements, now voicing the exact opposite. The change of tone was remarkable to watch. Now Russia “is not an equal enemy to ISIS, NATO needs to pull out of Syria”, now “we need to deescalate NATO” and “European nations need to pay their share in NATO expences”. To watch recent NATO press releases and conferences, sharply illustrates the complete change of tone. If you have an evening free, watch the recent NATO press conferences – they are quite entertaining.
                       The whole turn around, of course, illustrates how dependent NATO strategies are on US administrations. 70 % of NATO expences are paid for by the US. Stoltenberg has the sad role of a puppet who needs to change his message whenever the US president tells him to. We hope Stoltenberg is happier now, as he spent his younger years vigorously opposing NATO.

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