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Venezuela: What happens when leaders are corrupt and foreign governments pray on them, Herland Report

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The Venezuela crisis may serve as a typical example of a country permeated by the disease of corruption and mal management among its own top elite, these weaknesses then preyed upon by foreign governments who seek control over the nation’s assets.

It happens – in its routine – regularly in Africa as poor management with a high degree of corruption leaves the country open for any kind of exploitation. The economic collapse of Venezuela is discussed in the documentaries below, both from the local level as well as economical analysis.

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The President of the Russian Republic, Vladimir Putin once said in one of his Valdai speeches that the country that loses its control over the technological development and is not able to keep up, also loses its freedom. This is because other and stronger nations take over and control, due to the lack of leadership demonstrated in that particular nation. It becomes easy to divide and conquer.

The suggestion being, get rid of rampant corruption, get your defenses up and serve the nation state, make sure your nation develops firm stability and just institutions, establish a strong private sector which opens up the nation for business and delivers revenues to the state.

If Venezuela had watched its back better and served the Venezuelan people better, the take over would not easily have happened. When the people become discontent, poverty rises, the elites are percieved to get more and more wealthy, the nation becomes an easy target. The Gene Sharp strategists move in and feed on precisely the discontentment – and the opposition grows, often paid by Washington.

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Take a listen to the France24 documentary below and the analysis of entrepreneur, author and founder, Patrick Bet-David – and examine one of the other parts of reality that also spill into the Venezuelan crisis. A comprehensive view is always a good thing, that way one avoids being biased in either direction.


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