Benjamin Netanyahu: The private sector makes the economy grow, the public sector consume. You need both, Herland Report

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discusses his take away as a young man while working in the United States, on FOX News Channel ‘Life, Liberty & Levin.’ As a young man in America, Netanyahu explains how his major take away was learning how economies grow – with the firms. The companies make the economy, they are the ones that make the economy grow. (Feature photo: The Independent)

“You have to make it profitable for the companies, the business people, the entrepreneur,” he states. “This is what makes the economy grow.”

“Those who produce the added value are the private sectors, the guys that consume is the public sector, the ones that make the economy grow are the companies and firms.”

“In order to have what the public sector needs, roads, airports and so on, you need to have a robust private sector. I learned that more than anywhere else at the Boston Consulting Group as a young man,” Netanyahu says.

“My mission as a Prime Minister was to free up the Israeli market and economy so that it became a free market economy, to release the genius to allow enterprise, risk, innovation. We did a lot of reforms, we are still doing it. The Israeli economy has been growing for many years under these policies, we have a growth rate on 4-5 % a year.”

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