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Jewish financial mogul, George Soros speaks about NAZI collaboration as “happiest time of his life”

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Herland Report: Jewish financial mongul, atheist and maybe the world’s most famous investor, George Soros amassed much of his fortune via the controversial practice of global currency speculation. We all remember his 60 Minutes interview in which he explains how easy it was for him as a 14 year old to help the NAZI’s expropriate Jewish property as Jews were sent off to the camps.

He recalls his collaboration with the NAZI’s with no remorse, stating that this time of his life was his happiest moments in life. “I was 14 years old and I would say that that was when my character was made.”


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When asked whether it was difficult to help the NAZI’s take the properties and belongings of Hungarian Jews who just had been sent to the concentration camps, Soros answers with a smile: “No, not at all. It created no problem at all.”

Soros also states that he solely acts based on monetary gain and do not look at the social consequences of his actions. Soros is, of course, famous for funding Hillary Clinton, The Clinton Foundation and a number of other politically-ideological initiatives.

On his engagement in hedge funds and the financial market, often causing a nation’s downfall or sending nations into economic crisis, Soros says: “I don’t feel guilty, because I am engaged in an amoral activity which is not meant to have anything to do with guilt.”

He points out that the financial market needs to be better regulated, yet his own companies are not registered in the USA. In the 60 Minutes interview he confirms that this is done in order to avoid regulation.



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