Odd Nerdrum, Norway’s greatest painter since Edvard Munch: Upcoming Documentary, watch the trailer, Herland Report

The hunt of the most controversial painter in Scandinavian history, Odd Nerdrum has led to the creation of a ground breaking documentary, soon to be released. Watch the trailer here.

Art is the language of the Gods. Painted with fluid words from another dimension, art ruptures the limitations of language, opposes stagnation and indifference, pleads for change and challenges men to consider the journey through life with a new awareness and a lively gaze.


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Odd Nerdrum masters this craft to such excellence that many call him Norway’s greatest painter since Edvard Munch. And we agree.

The documentary analyses his life’s work and traces his inspirations, the mindset, his culturally pessimistic view of the current development in European civilization. We get to see many of his remarkable paintings and hear the story of his life, which is also reflected so vividly in his work.

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