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“Our mission is to deliver BREXIT 31st of October” Boris Johnson says

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It was clear months ago that Boris Johnson would be the next UK prime minister, his hard Brexit statements cutting his path to becoming the prime minister to deal with precisely that. In its routine, the mainstream media – owned by Brexit enemies and globalist elites – slander Johnson from day one. 

Watch his first Commons statement, after holding the Cabinet meeting. Speaking to MPs, Boris Johnson said his government would throw itself into Brexit negotiations with energy. Let us hope this is true, that his intent really is to honor the will of the people. (Feature photo: The Telegraph)

He states that “the UK will leave the EU on the 31st of October, with the purpose of uniting and reenergizing the United Kingdom and making this country the greatest place on earth. It is useful to imagine the trajectory upon which we now may embark.”

“It is more than possible that the United Kingdom will be the greatest and most prosperous economy in Europe, at the center of a new network of trade deals which we have pionered, with the road and investments we are making by unleashing the whole productive power of the United Kingdom, not only of London and the south-east, but of every corner of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.”

“Our Constitutional settlement of the United Kingdom will be firm and secure, our union of nations be unquestioned, our democracy robust, our future clean, green, prosperous, united, confident and ambitious.”

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