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The Arab Spring became a disaster because the West does not understand how the Middle East works – Dr. Gerald Steinberg, Herland Report

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An EXCLUSIVE SHORT from The Herland Report TV (HTV)in a new series of interviews discussing The Middle East with leading experts, professors, writers, journalists and priests who live in the region.

“It is a huge mistake to think that whatever your Western country went through a hundred years ago, is the same process that is taking place in Egypt, Syria or Iraq,” Gerald Steinberg, political scientist, professor at Bar-Ilan University, founder and president of NGO Monitor, a policy analysis think tank focusing critically on the politicization of non governmental organizations. Watch it here.

In discussing the Arab Spring in 2011, Dr. Steinberg says: “In Egypt there was an election, but very few in the West including Obama understood the context of that election. It brought to power The Muslim Brotherhood. They are not democrats. They wanted to impose their radical Islamic views on the rest of the Egyptian people, and that would have been a disaster and the Egyptians did not want that.”

“The West immediately assumed that this would be the moment when Egypt becomes democratic, like the French Revolution or the Magna Carta in the UK. But every culture has to develop its own process.”


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