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Trump/Putin do it, now Boris Johnson: Direct talks avoid Media Censorship

Herland Report: “I worry that people feel disconnected from politics, therefore it is great to be speaking directly to so many of you and this is a kind of answer to that,” says the British prime minister, Boris Johnson in his recent Questions and Answers session directly with the British public.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin has done it many times, US president Donald Trump became notorious for doing the same: Dropping the mainstream media (MSM) and journalists’ notoriously biased interpretations of what he actually said or not in order to fit their own liberal agenda.

As anti-EU and Brexit champion, Boris Johnson, is engaging in the fight to implement Brexit in the UK, it is equally vital for him to take control over the media narrative. Boris Johnson simply has to implement Brexit or else it will be apparent to the whole British public that their vote for Brexit was stopped by the corporate globalist elite. Who, by the way, for the most part now control politics too. It will demonstrate that democracy is dead, writes Hanne Herland, founder of The Herland Report.


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President Trump famously by-stepped the mainstream media – which at that time had almost total control over how Trump was portrayed in the leading news outlets. He began tweeting directly to the people his views on a variety of issues, calling CNN fake news and publicly refusing to answer their questions. It became quite a scandal, shocking the liberal-dem MSM culture to the core.

As the US media is largely is owned by the globalist corporate structure that since the 1980’s largely has hijacked the US political structure and nation based business model, Trump’s very worst enemies were in precise control over what was MSM wrote about him. The media has become the war-zone more than ever, with over 90 % of the US media owned by less than 6 corporations, basically General Electric Corporation VIACOM, AOL Time Warner, DISNEY, News Corporation (Robert Murdoch) and CBS.

Yet, the MSM authority is faltering. People are not quite as stupid as CNN editors seem to think. CNN dropped remarkably after it was known that RussiaGate was a hoax. One in three Americans now believe that what they watch or read in the news is true. These are horrible stastistics for the media. Skyrocketing over 70 % of the UK population do not trust the media. 

Trump’s tweets has broken down much of the mainstream media control over the public narrative. It is no longer up to ultra-liberal The New York Times or Washington Post to cut and twist, misinterpret and “tell the people” what Trump said and the people will believe it. They may still portray him as a total idiot – which of course has been done for years now, but the obvious reasons are more apparent to the general public:

The globalist corporate world do not want the power to return to the people, they do not want to pay taxes to the US and do not want any halt in the very lucrative transnational business model that effectively has assembled almost all wealth into the hands of the very few. The same, as we have seen, own the Western media.

An example of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putins many QnAs below.

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