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Alternatives to Facebook-Google are being established, as censorship roar – Daily Caller

Alternatives to Facebook-Google are being established, as censorship roar – Daily Caller

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The creators of TrumpTown.com — a new Facebook alternative for conservatives — have launched an emergency initiative through GoFundMe to help fund their fight against the extreme censorship of mainstream social networks like Facebook and Twitter, writes Ron Johnson at Daily Caller.

While TrumpTown.com’s soft launch in November, 2018 was a roaring success, just like any other internet start-up, securing funding to help maintain the site and more importantly, aid its growth, became a top priority according to the site’s founder, Addison Riddleberger.


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“Facebook, Twitter, and Google have sold their souls to the liberal left and will fight to put Democrats in power — even if that means censoring conservatives and purging them from their social networks,” Riddleberger stated. “The revolution isn’t in the streets, it’s on the internet — we’re finally fighting back and we need your support today.”

He explained that Silicon Valley, angel investors, and venture capital groups are either afraid or opposed to this upcoming “social media revolution.” Because of the corporate opposition, they’ve launched an exclusive GoFundMe that will allow Americans fed-up with Facebook, Twitter, and Google to assist in funding development and exponential growth of TrumpTown.com.

“Facebook and Twitter are under heavy fire for what they’ve done to their conservative users. Individuals are mad and rightfully so. We have an extremely rare and unique window of opportunity to turn the tables and give conservatives a place to express their ideas without fear of being censored and de-platformed like I was,” Riddleberger stated.

Riddleberger and his small team launched TrumpTown after Facebook purged his political pages that had over 2.5 million conservative followers and cost him north of $50,000 to build over the course of several years. Even worse, the banning came just 24 hours before the 2018 mid-term elections with no explanation from Facebook whatsoever.

“Unless we act right now, the kind of censorship and blacklisting that I experienced will eventually happen to every conservative publisher on social media, which will have serious ramifications for future elections. Facebook and Twitter’s war against the right is happening right this moment, and unless we do something, it’ll get even worse,” he stated.

Click here to go to TrumpTown’s GoFundMe and help fund the fight against Facebook, Twitter, and Google.




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