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President Trump and Italy join hands to fix Libya: JoAnne Moriarty, Herland Report

President Trump and Italy join hands to fix Libya: JoAnne Moriarty, Herland Report

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On July 21. 2018, President of the USA, Donald Trump and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte held a press conference and in that press conference, President Trump stated that the US recognized Italy’s leadership in the Mediterranean. The two also confirmed that
a joint U.S.-Italy “steering committee” has been established to stabilize Libya, writes JoAnne Moriarty at LibyaWarTheTruth.

Trump: “Today, Prime Minister Conte and I are pleased to announce a new strategic dialogue between Italy and the United States that will enhance cooperation on a range of issues. This includes joint security efforts in the Mediterranean, where we recognize Italy’s
leadership role in the stabilization of Libya and North Africa.”

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The Libyan tribes remain loyal to the candidature of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, as reports steadily show. The question remains whether the Libyans’ voice will be allowed by US-EU to determine the upcoming results of the Libyan elections. Here from the march in July, 2011 in support for Gaddafi, in which millions marched the streets in several Libyan cities, not reported in Western media.

Conte: “Both parties had agreed to set up a “steering committee in the Mediterranean between Italy and the United States. I would say that we’re almost twin countries in which Italy is becoming a reference point in Europe and a privileged interlocutor for the United States, for the main threats and challenges that we have before us, terrorism, and for all the crises that we see in the Mediterranean and, in particular, in regards to Libya. Secondly, the American administration also recognizes that Italy has a leadership role as a promoter country that will lead to the stabilization of Libya. And of course, this with the great respect for the Libyan population.”

Following the press conference Conte made the following statement:

“We are going to organize, in agreement with President Trump, I’m going to organize a conference on Libya. We would like to deal and discuss all of the issues relating to the Libyan people involving all of the stakeholders, actors, protagonists in the whole of the Mediterranean. We are going to discuss economic aspects but also social aspects; the protection of civil rights; the problem of constitutional process, of issuing and passing laws (inaudible) to enable Libya in particular to get to democratic elections in a condition of the utmost stability.”

First, I must state in regards to this agreement, the Libyan people have no trust in either the US or Italy. To date, the US continues to fund and arm (via Turkey and Qatar) the criminal, radical militias that roam the streets of Tripoli and occupy other pockets in Libya.

These militia’s are mercenaries and terrorists; they are the reason that Libya remains unstable as they continue their theft of Libyan assets and their acts of terror against the Libyan people.

The situation for thousands of prisoners, incarcerated for years with no trial, is now at the breaking point in Libya, as these prisoners are held against all international law and under Western backed militia.

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Italy to date has their troops on the ground in Libya (illegally) supporting the Misurata terrorists and helping the UN puppet government in Tripoli headed by Serraj and his criminal family. The UN puppet government’s mandate ran out last December and was never confirmed by the Libyan people so it’s mandate was never legitimate from the start. There is no support in Libya for the UN puppet government and there is no support in Libya for the Misurata criminals.

The other government in Libya is in Tobruk, known as “The House of Representatives”. This government was duly elected by the Libyan people in 2014. The criminals (Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Ansar Al Sharia) supported by the western Zionists (New World Order cabal) who had agreed to the election supported by the UN; did not accept the outcome as they were all thrown out.

Consequently, the losers attacked the winners homes and families and forced that duly elected government to move it’s headquarters to the Eastern city of Tobruk. The government in Tobruk has lost it’s mandate also as it ran out last December as well.

There is to be a country wide election in Libya this year. All the foreign players who want a piece of Libya’s great insitu assets are now speaking about the “election” and their desire to help Libya achieve peace. Don’t ever believe that they are benevolent and here just to help the Libyan people. France has been negotiating for a part of Libya for over a year now.

Italy, the country that occupied Libya from 1911 to 1969, almost completed a complete genocide of the Libyan people in the 1920’s. Italy colonized Libya, making themselves rich with olive plantations, date orchards, etc. They did not allow the Libyan people to own their own land and made them the slaves of the rich Italian land owners.

Ghadafi had negotiated reparations to be paid by Italy to Libya for the horrible crimes against humanity they committed in Libya. These reparations were to start being paid when 2011 occurred and suddenly Italy did not have to pay reparations. Ever wonder why the Libyan people would not trust Italy?

In 1969, the tribes of Libya held a bloodless coup against the old despot king (who was installed by England as a puppet), The tribes appointed Ghadafi as leader because he was well educated, charismatic and held great dreams for the Libyan people. At the time Ghadafi took over, he gave every Libyan the land that they had been used as slaves on by the Italians. This was the first time in Libyan history that the Libyans became land owners.

From 1969 to 2011, under Ghadafi, Libya became the most developed country in Africa with the highest yearly wage of $15,800 (higher than India and China). The people shared in the wealth of the country with such benefits as free medical, free education, subsidized homes, free utilities, cheap fuel, no taxes, gifts of money at marriage, land grants, food banks etc, etc.

All development, all benefits and all security in Libya is gone now. This is a direct result of the destruction of Libya by NATO (NWO Khazarian cabal), using a false flag phony revolution started by a LIE and continued with the help of arms, money and mercenaries supplied by Obama and Clinton using the rogue intelligence community.

After the destruction was complete, the NWO cabal installed their own puppets and mercenaries to keep the Libyan people from retaking control of their own country. I should add that the 500 billion in the Federal Reserve and Euro banks belonging to Libya (along with gold, silver, etc.) was stolen from the Libyan people during the 2011 invasion and has not been seen since.

As you can see, the problem in Libya continues because of outside interference; illegal embargoes by the UN against the Libyan army purchasing arms, puppet so called leaders who do not work for Libya, mercenaries armed to keep sovereignty away from the Libyan people. Bringing in more outsiders from the Mediterranean region (as Conte suggests) to discuss Libya is not a solution, it is more of the same problem.

JoAnne and Jimmy Moriarty in meetings with Libyan tribal leaders in 2010. Copyright: MoAnne Moriarty.

The  only solution to the problem in Libya can be found with the Libyan people themselves through the Great Tribes of Libya who represent all the people in Libya.

I cannot state this strongly enough, unless and until the leaders of the largest tribes in Libya and the Supreme leader of all the tribes, Sheik Ali Alahwel, are brought into any and all discussions, there will be no “fix” to the problem created by NATO and its crimes against humanity in Libya. Not ITALY, not the USA, not the UK, not FRANCE, not QATAR, not the UAE, not EGYPT, not TUNISIA and not the UN can ever fix the mess that they made in Libya,

Only the tribes of Libya can bring their country back to sovereignty and peacehis, if you have any contacts into the Italian government to please contact me or at very least make sure Conte sees this report.

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