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Russian tolerance of US war crimes may eventually cause a fatal conflict to be brewed – Dr. Paul C. Roberts, Herland Report

Russian tolerance of US war crimes may eventually cause a fatal conflict to be brewed – Dr. Paul C. Roberts, Herland Report

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Now that the Trump, May, and Macron regimes have proven beyond all doubt that they are lawless war criminal regimes, what is next? Will the Russian president and foreign minister continue to speak of “our Western partners” and seek common ground with proven lawless war criminals?  What would that common ground be, writes Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, leading US political economists on The Herland Report. Roberts is a regular contributor to The Scandinavian Herland Report.

How can other governments accept the US, UK, and French governments that intentionally lied about a Russian chemical attack on the Skripals and about a Syrian chemical attack on Douma, risking a third world war, and then themselves attacking Syria on the basis of a transparent lie unsupported by any evidence? 

How exactly do you conduct diplomatic relations with war criminals? You don’t.  You put them on trial.  Why aren’t Trump, May, and Macron on trial?

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About The Author

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is the chairman of The Institute for Political Economy, former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, and a well known author of many books. He is also an upcoming regular at The Herland Report TV Show. He has had careers in scholarship and academia, journalism, public service, and business. He has been awarded the Treasury Department’s Meritorious Service Award for “his outstanding contributions to the formulation of United States economic policy.”

The reason is that the world has been conditioned, like Pavlov’s dogs, to expect and accept the West’s war crimes as ordinary common features of life.  The West’s crimes are protected by precedents established by decades of failing to hold the West accountable.  The West has squatters rights in committing unaccountable war crimes.

Stymied in the effort to overthrow Syria, Netanyahu is now focusing the Trump regime on renewing Washington’s conflict with Iran.  Will Washington’s vassals continue to provide cover for Washington’s crimes, or are some of the Europeans beginning to understand that the risks they assume for Washington exceed the money that Washington pays them?

Where will Russia stand if Washington renews its assault on Iran?

Despite the air attacks carried out on its Syrian ally by the US, NATO, and Israel, the Russian government still has not found the decisiveness to sell Syria its S-300 air defense system.

Syria intercepted 70% of the US missiles in the last attack using obsolete Soviet-era air defense systems.  The S-300 would allow Syria to protect itself from air attack and thus reduce the chance of war resulting from Israeli and US attacks on Syria.

Russian indecisiveness combined with the rest of the world’s toleration of ongoing US war crimes suggests that more provocations will be orchestrated, that more lawless attacks will take place, and that eventually a fatal conflict will be brewed.

Think about it.  The British are caught in the Skripal lie.  Washington, the British, and the French are caught in the Douma chemical attack lie, and there are no consequences for those governments who orchestrated hoaxes and then used the hoaxes to justify their war crime.

How can it be that the American people are undisturbed by their government’s 17 years of wars based entirely on blatant lies?

How can it be that the American people and the Evangelical churches are unmoved by the millions of innocent peoples in seven countries who have been murdered, maimed, orphaned, and displaced by the profit-driven US military/security complex and by the neoconservative ideology in service to Israel?

How can it be that the US media is as effective a propaganda ministry for Washington as the German press was for the Nazis?

How can it be that the European, Canadian, and Australian governments and the citizens of these countries are not ashamed of their participation in these never-ending crimes? Where is India’s voice?  China’s?  South America’s?

Why is the world silent in the face of massive, long-term, ongoing war crimes? Why does the Russian government think it can have a partnership with a war criminal regime?  Why would Russia want such a shameful and demeaning association?

Where is Russia’s counterpart to NATO? Where is there any determination to put a halt to the West’s criminality? Why is the world content with Washington’s path to world war?








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  1. Amen to all that. There is another big war crime going on in Yemen promulgated by Saudi Arabia with aid and abet by US, UK, UAE and supplicant suppliers of lethal arms from smaller NATO countries. Genocidal crimes are committed daily under the pretext of fighting terrorists with the American, Sweden, Denmark and Holland made ammunition. There is hardly a squeak in the US by peace loving but Israel beholden liberal democrats about the murders of women and children. And now the same vile actors, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, are been wooed by the US Poppycock Secretary of State on his first mission, to replace American soldiers to militarily participate in the dismemberment of a sovereign state of Syria. Why we even need a secretary of state, just another Minister of War and Mayhem?! There is an incredible alliance in US of media on all sides of political spectrum in the incessant war mongering. No NPR, New Yorker or the main party organ, the New York Times, or Fox reporting on the fake Douma attack. One Fox commentator who was trying to bring up the subject was called a traitor by Washington Post. Shameful times for all of us, American citizens. The North Korean cannibal of a dictator is now a darling of MSM in the USA in contrast to the unbridled capitalist and, yes, democratic Russia, with its petulant and viable free press and media. The Russians are the boogie men of du jour, now going into its 4th year. I find more interesting and biting analysis of Putin and his cohort’s policies in numerous Russian outlets and barely anything resembling criticism of American foreign policy (policing more likely) here at home. Russian are often shooting themselves in the foot with their dilly-dallying but Americans (and their Western counterparts) are destroying their soul. A sad story.

  2. It is heart breaking to witness last 16 years of tyranny unleashed by western alliance, western alliance has murdered 2 million innocent men women and children in Muslim countries for service of Israel. But the end game is near when the Jews will hide behind stones & trees” stones will speak come and flush out Evil hiding behind me.

  3. I personally am very ashamed of Canada’s complicity in Imperial American war crimes! I believe Trudeau’s government should have their feet held to the fire for assisting the destruction of yet more lives and property b7 US and NATO bombs and missiles. It is beyond perverse and Canada’s foreign minister should resign over it and over the foolish support for Ukrainian fascism!

  4. Yes, this is starting to look more and more like the well known appeasement of a war mongering fascist Nazi regime which by all historical accounts paved the way to the 2nd World War.

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