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Racism against White South Africans under ANC, exodus of fear? Herland Report

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In 2006 the signs were becoming clearer that anarchy in South Africa was a real possibility. While most people ignored these warning signs the Suidlanders started to prepare. Today, many ardent deniers have to admit that anarchy in South Africa is not only possible but likely. 

Herland Report has previously written about this, the problem being that hardly anybody reacts in the West. The problem is ongoing and has been happening for a long time, according to numerous reports, Rebel Media, BBC documentary, Journeyman “Exodus of Fear”.


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The Suidlanders are an emergency plan initiative officially founded in 2006 to prepare a Protestant Christian South African Minority for a coming violent revolution. We are non-aggressive and legal in our preparation. Constituted lawfully under Geneva Convention, with particular reference to Protocols I & II of the Protocols Additional, for the protection of non-combatant civilian Afrikaners (women, children, the elderly and the non-able bodied) in the event of a civil war.

The video describes the alarming truth about South Africa. Simon Roach of Suidlanders, a South African anti Anti-White advocacy group being interviewed by Mike Cernovich. Simon schools us on the chilling shit going on down here in South Africa.”







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