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Ultimate Rebel Kanye West Grand Slam: Jesus is King, Masterpiece New Album

Herland Report: Kanye West’ new album, Jesus Is King, demonstrates yet again the ingenuity of this remarkable musician and true rebel in modern America. In a steady flow of surprising turns, Kanye West again shocks the world by using the very worst and demonized taboo word currently in the Western hedonist narrative: Jesus is King.

Ultimate Rebel Kanye West’ revolt against the Hedonist US entertainment industry is a Grand Slam.

Kanye West could not have possibly found a worse revolt against the current hedonist, nihilist culture that permeates the very structures of Hollywood, the entertainment industry and the mainstream media. Let us instantly assume that the media will hate with a passion his groundbreaking record.

Kim Kardashian Hakkasan las Vegas Herland Report
Kanye West is married to Kim Kardashian.

With the Candace Owens “Black people are not owned by the Left” debate behind him, in which the Liberal media raged at the idea that Democrats are using the Black minority and seek to re-enslave Black Americans by infusing into their minds the demeaning role of being the weak victim, Kanye West now demonstrates leadership in the decaying US culture.

Ravaged by cultural strife, political divide at a near civil war level, sexuality and gender obsession, racial tensions created by Leftwing Identity Politics, the United States is an all time high divided nation.

The mainstream media working hard to demonize anyone who protests. By design, as the transnational, internationalist globalist business model depends on keeping “the people” divided and frail, while the billions are transferred from public wealth to some, few people’s pockets. 62 individuals, to be exact.

Over 90 % of the American media is, as everyone now knows, owned by the very same corporations. It is very easy to manufacture consent.

What a pure pleasure it must be to Kanye West to be hated by the very forces that attempt to tear down the West, divide its people, mistreat its women and end its hegemony.

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About the author

Hanne Nabintu Herland is a bestselling historian of religions and author, founder and host of The Herland Report news site and TV channel on YouTube, known from the media for fearless speech and stern criticism of political correctness. She states that our democracies have been taken over by an elite that no longer listens to the people, threatening the end of democracy in the West. Her latest book, The Culture War. How the West lost its Greatness, is available in the USA and 60 countries world-wide. www.theherlandreport.com

Hedonist, destructive hip-hop industry

The current trends within the American entertainment industry seem incapable hailing anything else than sex, drugs, partying and the chronic misusing of half-naked women in the boring current hip-hop videos on endless repeat with buffed up, tattooed guys with gold chains.

All you ever see is guys in expensive cars bragging about adultery, drug abuse, easy earned money, partying in clubs with the same group of half-naked women. The Leftwing feminists are completely silent. They have no objection whatsoever to the current trends of de-humanizing of American women in these despicable hip-hop videos, which teach the next generation how a woman should dress and behave.

If I could figuratively “ring the neck” of the leading hip-hop artists of today – such as the brilliant musician who could have been so much greater if he had shown some leadership for the next generations, Snoop Dog, for pumping stupidity into the head of his contemporaries instead of showing true leadership and pave the way for a better future, I would be more than happy to.

So many other names could have been mentioned, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and what exactly is Jay-Z contributing with, except getting filthy rich on half-naked women, including his own wife?

The complete lack of responsibility and constructive leadership permeates the hip-hop industry. A few exceptions, Kendrick Lamar one of them.

Music drug beasts serve the one percent

Kanye West points to the very religious foundation that the Liberals hate more than anything: Jesus Christ.

And who do they serve, ultimately? By design, as the transnational, internationalist globalist business model depends on keeping “the people” divided and frail, while the billions are transferred from public wealth to some, few people’s pockets.

Over 90 % of US media is owned by the very same groups, Wall Street channeling the transfer of wealth at an all time high to the very few. Without redistribution of wealth, jobs have been outsourced to the East with only one group profiting: The modern feudal lords and killers of democracy, the top financial elite.

Globalism has, since the mid 1980’s led to a transfer of wealth into the hands of the very few, only 60 individuals now own more than half of the world assets. Needless to say, the general population suffer.

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With rampant drug abuse, with a 100 billion dollar yearly illegal narcotics industry flowing through its southern border, homelessness in America and divorce rates soaring, Kanye West points to the very religious foundation that the Liberals hate more than anything: The traditional belief in Jesus Christ, savior of the world.

The Christian message and ideals constitute the very opposite of the current trends in the United States. It voices the need for honesty, chastity, faithfulness, perseverance, patience, accountability, trustworthiness and faith in the holy power of Jesus to break the chains of Satan in this world. These are the very ideals scorned, demonized, hated to the point of persecution by the Liberal mainstream media and the entertainment industry today.

So, good luck to America if the destructively divisive and hateful trend continues, which will lead to even more civil war. Kanye West’ suggestion might be to head for another trend.

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