Former British Armed Forces Major General Jonathan Shaw who said “Assad won the War in Syria, we need to face it” gets abruptly cut off by Sky News host

A live broadcast by Sky News 13.04.2018 is rudely cut short by the media presenter as British Major General Jonathan Shaw, a former commander of British Forces in the Iraq war, questions why Assad would launch a “chemical attack” at a point in history when he has won the war in Syria.

Shaw states that “the debate that seems to be missing from us is what possible motive might have triggered Syria, at this time, in this place? You know, the Syrians are winning.”

“Don’t take my word for it, take American Military’s word for it. General Joseph Votel, the head of CentCom (General Joseph Votel, the commander of US Central Command) said to Congress the other day that Assad has won this war and we need to face that.”

“And you got the statement or tweet by Trump last week that America had finished ISIL and “we’re going to pull out soon”, and then suddenly….”

The Major General is at this point cut short by the Sky News media presenter and the interview abruptly stops.


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Former leader of the Norwegian Labour Party, former Prime Minister of Norway, current NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, pledges in this tweet his support to the UK-US-France attack on Syria just when American and British army Generals openly admit that Assad, not the West, won the war in Syria. This is in violation of international law, without UN mandate, without UNSC mandate and before an investigation even has begun into 1. whether a chemical attack ever took place or if the whole event is filmed in a White Helmets production, and 2. if the attack did occure, Stoltenberg supports an attack on Assad’s Syria before it is even established by an international investigation whether the alleged attack was done by extremist islamists, moderate rebels or Assad forces. This is the level of leadership in NATO and this is the level of leadership by the neo-con Norwegian Jens Stoltenberg, with no respect for international law or the United Nations. The legacy of Jens Stoltenberg will be of a man who began his life in opposition to NATO and ended it supporting totalitarian regimes’ violations of every concept of judicial principles of examining the facts before one punishes an alleged culprit, the very principles that traditionally were the foundational principles of the West.

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