The son of Colonel Gaddafi has risen to prominence under efforts to reunite Libya and will probably run for president in the next elections, an independent French negotiator has told The Times.

Against the odds, Saif al-Islam, 46, is alive and at liberty seven years after a Nato air campaign helped to overthrow his father. Since his release last year by a militia in Zintan he has been in internal “asylum” in the northwest of the country and remains a powerful influence on Libya’s future. (Feature photo: Dr. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, Sputnik)

“Saif is a symbol to reconciliation,” said Jean-Yves Ollivier, the French negotiator at the centre of efforts for Libyan peace. “We don’t discuss politics but he passes me messages. He wants elections, and is convinced that if he were to run, the Libyan people will unitedly choose his leadership, writes The Sunday Times.

The Herland Report has written extensively on Libyan affairs the past years, with steady access to internal sources in Libya where the majority of the Libyan people seem united behind the candidature of Dr. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi. The current issue being the US and EU remaining in control of Libyan politics, and thereby refusing the Libyan people to freely choose their upcoming leader.

The past months, hundreds of Gaddafi supporters have been incarcerated and jailed by the current Libyan war lords who tyrannize the population by their reign of terror. These are allowed to continue the killing spree under the Western watch of the Tripoli regime.

Last year in October, 2017 alone, hundreds were rounded up and thrown into prison, where they remain to this day. Reportedly around 30 000 people have remained imprisoned by militia gangs with ties to Western forces, without trial, since 2011. No Western media outlet is willing to speak about the issue.


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There is a dream for many in so-called third world countries, that the Western form of democracy will lead to “free and fair elections,” also in the traditionally more authoritarian ruler region. They hope that the Western system will bring development and civil liberties to their population.

The upcoming elections in Libya are no exemption, as Libyans hope for “freedom and fairness”, not realizing that the big mafia in the geopolitical power play will not allow that to happen.