Museum in Israel under scrutiny from Arab Christians: Promoting blasphemy against Christ, while careful not to offend Muslims – Herland Report

Heads of Churches across Israel are seeking a court order to have a sculpture removed that features not Jesus on the cross, but Jesus replaced by Ronald McDonald, the food restaurant Mascot. 

The Arab Christians state that if this was done to a non-Christian religion, protests would be held all over the world. Christians comprise around 2 % of the Israeli population and constitute a small minority. Does Israel find it permissible to blaspheme when it is done to Christians, while everyone is careful not to offend Muslims?


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Arab Christian congregation in Israel, photo Al Jazeera.

Arab Christians strongly reacted against what is perceived to be the blasphemous work of art in the Haifa Museum, as Christ is removed from the cross, replaced by the McDonald figurine.

The artist who created the controversial artwork says the museum used it without his permission. In reply, the museum says it supports the freedom of expression. The protesters state:

We started with the heads of Churches, a petition was offered to the Judiciary to remove it. We will continue with peaceful rallies and reactions towards the Churches, the Museum of Haifa and the municipalities. It won’t be quiet until we reach a solution.

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