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UN Secretary General for North-South Cooperation, Eya Essif: The need to clean up militia rule in Libya

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The Secretary-General of the United Nation Agency for North-South Cooperation, Eya Essif, expressed her deep concern about the recent developments in Tripoli, appealing to all Libyans to remove the escalation.

The focus should be on the interest of the homeland and to end the abuse of militias that impose their legitimacy by force of arms and by the misuse of Libyan state funds that violates the rights of the Libyan citizens. This needs to be done in order to provide peace and security, economic and social stability.

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Mme. Eya Essif, asserting the need for militia rule in Libya to end and state institutions to function properly.

In a statement issued on Wednesday following the clashes and recent events in Tripoli, Eya Essif also appealed for the need to unify the state’s security, military and judicial institutions and enable them to work without extortion from any political party. This needs to be done in order to strengthen their influence and impose state sovereignty in the administration.

The statement fully supports the process of cleansing Tripoli.

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Mme. Essif condemned the blatant assault on civilians by using indiscriminate fire and heavy weapons in densely populated residential areas, which are contrary to international humanitarian law, human rights law, customs, and Shari’a and religion.

She also strongly warned that any further escalation of the demand of all parties to give priority to the interests of the country and the need to prosecute all entities and individuals who committed war crimes and crimes against humanity in Libya and bring them to justice to receive their punishment.

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