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EXCLUSIVE HERLAND REPORT interview with leading whistleblower, William Binney: Mass Surveillance State destroys Democracy

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The Herland Report is pleased to release the first interview with former NSA director, William E. Binney, who is the co-founder of The Research Center at the National Security Agency’ headquarter in Maryland and senior whistleblower, – the original before Edward Snowden.

He uncovered and warned of the mass surveillance done out of the NSA post 9/11. 

The Herland Report TV: “I was a whistleblower who stayed within the channels that we were supposed to. When you find fraud, corruption, waste and abuse there are guidelines as to what you are supposed to do to be employed by the US government. You are supposed to report it to the Inspector Generals and the intelligence committees, which was exactly what I was doing, ” says William E. Binney, on his role as the leading American whistleblower before Edward Snowden. 

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In the interview, Binney states: “I quit the NSA one month after 9/11 because I found out what they were doing. They were basically using our Thinthread software to collect data, everything on everybody, which is unconstitutional.”

“With the original Thinthread program we were doing both metadata and content, but only on specific targets. We were able to pick the needles out of the hay-stack and pull only that which seemed suspicious. But after 9/11, the NSA used this capability to choose targets and said yes to collecting everything about everyone. The first thing the NSA removed was our filtering process which allowed us to pull only that which was relevant out.”

“We also had another program that protected identities. Until we could prove, after looking at you in “the zone of suspicion” – maybe you were a person taken in due to the selection process, based on for example your proximity to “bad guys” based on an email or phone network, or terrorists – your data would be encrypted.”

“So, there would be nothing there except the encrypted version. No one in the NSA could tell who you were. This all changed when mass surveillance was implemented.”

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“The philosophy is not new. Knowing everything about the people in your country, what they are doing, what they are intending is a historical effort that goes back to Caesar Augustus and the pharaohs in Egypt. Anytime people organize into groups or cities or states, people at the top want to know what is going on in their people.”

“The Constitution places the limits for the government, and the mass collection of data scrapped those. It was all done in secret, with a secret government who gave the decisions on what to do, looking at everybody.”

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