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Hanne Nabintu Herland on RT Worlds Apart: On Western decadence, the Arab Winter – Herland Report

Hanne Nabintu Herland on RT Worlds Apart: On Western decadence, the Arab Winter – Herland Report

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Interview with RT, one of the world’s largest news channels reaching around 700 million. I speak about the growing Western Propaganda, the problem of political correctness and the decay in traditional Western values.

On how and why the leading liberal utopianist political elites in the West, led by a strong anti-Christian push by the current US elites, got it wrong on “the Arab Spring” and how the US is currently engaging in serious atrocities in the Middle East.

I also speak about Norway’s role in the NATO Libya war,  and the need for Europe to break with the extreme liberal US’ push for new wars in Europe and in the world.


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  1. Hanne if you wish to have some deeper insights into the cause of the current world chaos, I can readily show that what’s happening now, i.e. this preamble to World War three was entirely predictable and inevitable. My interest are Jewish philosophy, psychology , history and kabbalistic concepts. The only way to view the world is through spiritual lenses and its’ power is demonstrated by sayings such as “all problems in the world are caused by men” “When you deny man his spirituality, you deny him his humanity and render him a biped beast!” “Women were created to have a superior type of wisdom to men.” “The catastrophic breakdown of marriage/family exactly parallels a cancer that infects the human body.” I have many, many sources culled over the last 8 years which may be of help in your campaign.

  2. Dear Hanna, I felt that you were much too kind in your opinion of Western democracy. Although we vote, it matters not what party attains power because the power lies with the corporations and the new God that has risen. This new God is money and the power it represents.

    Our politicians speak of democracy and seek to make it universal, but this is not for any altruistic purpose, it is solely for the purpose of allowing the indiscriminate exploitation of those countries and their resources.

    My own country New Zealand has been severely crippled by the new Liberal economic policies that are literally destroying the country through the degradation of our natural resources and the health of our population.

    We were taught in school that the role of government was to serve the needs of the people and to protect the Commons, however all democratic governments are bending over backwards to exploit the Commons and deny the citizens their human rights and basic needs.

    I have recently been delighted to discover the thinking represented within the Zeitgeist movement is in line with my own. The question now remains is, how can the human race as a collective recover from the current disaster and begin anew? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z9WVZddH9w

  3. Very good piece on RT. I thought I was the only person who thought and said these things. Keep up the good work Hanne ;O)

  4. One important factor behind the destruction of Libya which was not discussed was the fact that Qaddafi wanted to create an African Dinar base on gold. That was anathema to the globalist bankers who want to keep this fiat system in their control. The politicians are not responsible to the people, but controlled by the big banks along with the military-industrial complex. The present western economic system must be dismantled before anything will take place. Hopefully it will crash in the the next couple of years and central banks will be eliminated. Education is also a big factor. How many Americans or Europeans can point out on a map where Libya or their beloved Israel are located? Society is being dumbed down by all this totalitarian “liberal” indoctrination.

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