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Age of tribalism can be overcome through love – Bishop Harry Jackson

We had the pleasure of a sit down with one of the United States senior bishops, Harry Jackson, and talked about American divisiveness and the need for genuine love. Jackson has been featured in leading American outlets, among them the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Washington Times. He is a good friend of president Donald Trump, and …

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Bishop Harry Jackson on Racism: Forgiveness heals Wounds

The Herland Report TV (HTV): “My father experienced gross racism, yet he said that I shouldn’t judge people by their skin colour. This was even before Dr. Kings statements became so famous,” says Bishop Harry Jackson, a leading American social conservative activist, commentator, author and famous lecturer. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. Jackson is a regular guest …

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Herland Report TV: Racial awareness weakens America – Woodley Auguste, Herland Report TV

The Herland Report TV (HTV): In America, we no longer simply say “I am an American”. It’s more about race now, that is the problem, says the founder of a U.S. based public relations and marketing consultancy, Woodley Auguste, featuring programs on racism and tribalism in America. We are in a number of Herland Report TV programs discussing the state …

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Interview with PR guru, Woodley Auguste: The fall of Western Journalism, Herland Report

We met up with the American PR guru and seasoned professional who has worked with celebrities and political leaders in the US over the years, Woodley Auguste. The aim was to hear his take on the clampdown on freedom and the current level of divisiveness in the United States. What happened to this great nation that used to be such …

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NEW Herland Report show: PR guru Woodley Auguste tells why the media hates Donald Trump

The Herland Report TV (HTV): “”CNN, regardless of what President Trump does or says, they merely exacerbate his flaws. So, if the financial market performs well, very little of that is reported,” says the founder of a U.S. based public relations and marketing consultancy, Woodley Auguste in this new Herland Report show. “It is merely whatever Trump may have said …

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Sharam Alghasi presenterer REN LØGN om “nye medier” Herland Report i Dagbladet, Hanne Nabintu Herland

Det er ikke ofte jeg velger å skrive i norske aviser lenger, men ettersom en usedvanlig frekk Sharam Alghasi presenterer ren løgn om Herland Report, ser jeg meg nødt til å imøtegå ham i Dagbladet. Saken gjelder såkalte alternative medier og hva disse står for. Og Alghasi kjenner godt Herland Report nyhetssidens profil og TV kanalen på Youtube og hvem …

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Bishop Harry Jackson in a new series of TV programs at Herland Report: We need forgiveness, not hatred

The Herland Report TV (HTV): “America has always had racism fuelled by fear and pride underneath the surface. There was a time when a man with my skin colour looking at a beautiful woman with your kind of eyes, I would only have to raise my voice and say “you’re cute” and I would me lynched. On the spot. That …

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Black leader about President Donald Trump: This is the most pro-Black president that we have had in our lifetime, Herland Report

“This administration has taken many by surprise because this is probably the most pro active administration we have in urban America and in the faith based community. This is the most pro-Black president that we have had in our lifetime.  This president works to prove something to our faith based and ethnic communities. When you look back at Obama, the …

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The Herland Report America Tour – upcoming ground breaking interviews with US celebrities

Touring the United States with my new book “The Culture War. How the West lost its Greatness”, we have spoken to a number of the famous celebrities in America who we think have something important to say. The Herland Report will feature exciting personas and ground breaking interviews in the weeks to come from our American tour. I am also …

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