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Religion motivates people to love one another in a way that secularism cannot – Hanne Nabintu Herland at The US Christian Post

Share it!For decades, the leading European philosopher and atheist, Jürgen Habermas has emphasized the need for moral development in the secular West. His thinking was initially considered neo-Marxist, following along the lines of the radical Frankfurt School that heavily criticized the bourgeoisie, traditional values in Europe. He sought the answers to how to live the best possible life and be …

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New Left total disaster: We were never worse off – Hanne Nabintu WND

Selfishness and nihilism permeate Western Churches: Herland Report

Share it!  Herland Report: New Left total disaster: Beneath the glossy wrapping of materialism and technological advancement, there is undeniably growing social unrest in the West. We have been through a cultural revolution since the 1960s that has led to a rampant lack of discipline and order in schools, lack of respect for parents and teachers, a denigration of religious …

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Why the Old Testament Prophets are a must-read in the 21st century – Samantha Hewavitharana

Share it!If anyone nowadays is only familiar with the selected, popular chapters of the Old Testament, he is missing out on the fundamental reason why the Bible was written in the first place. Past generations of believers may have only partially benefited from what the wisdom of the Bible has to offer: 1. A testimony to the existence of God, …

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Actor Jim Caviezel: Christians were not born to fit it, but to stand out – The Passion of the Christ

Share it!Every generation needs to know that freedom to choose exists, not to do what you like, but having the right to do what you ought to.

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Hanne Herland regular column in The Christian Post USA: The Extreme Liberal Elite are destroying the West, Herland Report

Share it!In recent decades, Western culture has undergone dramatic changes. Radical new elites have broken down historical values in order to create a new world order with new sets of ethics. They have pushed for strong globalised world views, and the current establishment now dominates the public through tight control over the media, writes historian and author, Hanne Herland in …

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The tyranny of the Left: Zero respect for religious diversity – Hanne Herland in The Christian Post column, Herland Report

Share it!As we live in an age of atheist intolerance, where the elitist mainstream media constantly focus negatively on Christians, we need to remember how ground breaking the Christian faith really is, writes Hanne Herland in her regular column at The Christian Post. So, let’s talk about the massive impact Christianity and the revolutionary message of Jesus Christ has had …

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The whole Bible is a love story, God’s love story with the human race: The ultra radical Billy Graham gone home, 2018

Share it!Billy Graham Tribute: The Most Important Moment of Your Life. Billy Graham was the ground breaking, unparalleled radical, spiritual leader in America that has preached to more than two billion people in his life time. The final years in his life, he spoke extensively of the dangers of the morally deteriorating American society, warning of God’s doom on America …

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Vital spiritual message from Billy Graham, who dies at 99, Herland Report

Share it!Billy Graham, the famous American preacher and spiritual leader, Billy Graham, speaks powerfully on the need for forgiveness, honesty and justice as God the Almighty has called us to be good to one another and follow in the humble footsteps of Jesus. Watch this beautiful film about his life, his impact and what he states as his last message …

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Christian selfishness destroys the West – Hanne Nabintu, WND

Christian selfishness destroys the West: Hanne Herland Report

Share it!  Herland Report: Christian selfishness destroys the West: Something has gone seriously wrong with Christianity in the West. Research shows that church attendance is dropping dramatically. The very peculiar fact that surveys demonstrate is that it is the most believing Christians that leave the churches. Maybe because institutionalized religion seems most preoccupied with the “God bless me and make …

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Truth’s Table on Lecrae turning his back on “White Evangelicalism” – Herland Report

Share it!The recent controversy surrounding rapper Lecrae and his new album “All things work together” has immersed into quite an analysis on the weakness of White Evangelical sub-cultures. As it turns out, much of the inbred and “popular” Christianity is not as Christian as many profess, coming closer to a kind of religious hypocrisy that produces reactions such as Lecray’s, …

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