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Watch interview on RT Worlds Apart: On Western decadence, the Arab Winter and US war mongering, Herland Report

Interview with RT, one of the world’s largest news channels reaching around 700 million. Western “liberalism” is turning into an extreme-liberalism that pushes for authoritarianism in the West today. Free speech is increasingly shut down, as recently seen by the propaganda against Milo Yiannopolous at the University of Berkley and other places in the US. The regressive American Left which ... Read More »

God is the Father of All People in the World – Billy Graham

Billy Graham, our modern times’ most well-known spiritual leader in the West, speaks about the judgement of God, about the necessity to repent and do good to one another. This, he states, is the gravest danger facing America today, that there will be no repentance. Sermon from 1971. Read More »

Hanne Nabintu Herland: Religious faith on the march

Islam represents 1.3 billion believers and Christianity 2.3 billion. This constitutes substantial statistical proof for the fact that also modern man has a basic need to believe in God.  This must be a thought-provoking setback for the few atheists that actually exist in the world. An overwhelming international trend destroys the myth that there is a conflict between rationalism and ... Read More »

Bestselgeren ALARM 2010: Kristne bærer hovedansvaret for avkristningen – Hanne Nabintu Herland

Hanne Nabintu Herland bruker korset som utropsetegn i tittelen på hennes siste bok. Det er bevisst, da hun mener de kristne grunnverdiene må revitaliseres i vårt samfunn, skriver Dagen. (Foto: Dagen) «Alarm!» har Herland valgt å kalle debattboken som i går ble lansert. Aldri tidligere har en boklansering på Luther Forlag blitt akkompagnert av myk nittitalls techno-musikk. Men forfatteren selv ville ... Read More »

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