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The defense of Christianity vs Anti-Christian West #KanyeWest #Russia


Herland Report: In this segment, let us take a closer look at the paradox that Russia is now the leading public defender of Christianity. We do not hear much about it in the mainstream media, of course. Yet, from being an atheist state, Russia now boasts more than 70 % of its population as Christians. While Christianity is scorned by …

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Paradox of our time: Christophobia in Europe, while Religious Freedom prevails in Russia – Hanne Nabintu Herland, WND

Europe has arguably become the most secularized and spiritually antagonistic region in the world, marked by “Christophobia” to such an extent that even wearing a Christian cross or any sign of religious affiliation may easily be labeled offensive, writes historian and author Hanne Herland in the World Net Daily weekly column. As noted by the Norwegian columnist and former lead …

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Grov KRISTOFOBI blant norske eliter, livredd islamofobi, homofobi mens kristofobi er helt greit – Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby, #HankVonHell

Prosjektet med å drepe alle kristne ser ut til å gå ganske så greit der ute i den vide verden. Og ikke bare det – du slipper å vite om det. Vi er i Norge velsignet med nyhetsmedier som er “kristofobisk korrekte” i sin nyhetsdekning. Islamofobi derimot, er et forferdelig onde vi alle må bekjempe, men kristofobi – det er …

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