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While the media serves their globalist masters, President Trump has accomplished more than almost any administration – Herland Report

With the American media bent on destroying their own President, the charade of endless hearings before Congress and a whole nation focusing on “Russia” instead of addressing the social issues that threaten to cripple the state, President Donald Trump addresses the UN, outlining his policy that is so much fought against by the globalist elites who own the US media. ... Read More »

Let’s put the pettiness aside, and try to supress this “black versus white” divide that the Left is trying to propagate – Pastor Darell Scott, FOX NEWS

Pastor Darell Scott on FOX NEWS ‘The Ingraham Angle’, reflecting on the meeting with black church leaders that President Trump had recently: “It’s time to put the Identity Politics aside, put this pettiness aside,  try to to suppress this “black versus white” divide that the Left is trying to propagate in this country and sit down and have some meaningful, ... Read More »

Black leader about President Donald Trump: This is the most pro-Black president that we have had in our lifetime, Herland Report

“This administration has taken many by surprise because this is probably the most pro active administration we have in urban America and in the faith based community. This is the most pro-Black president that we have had in our lifetime.  This president works to prove something to our faith based and ethnic communities. When you look back at Obama, the ... Read More »

Iran deal off the table spells less war between Netanyahu’s Israel and Iran in Syria? #PeaceInSyria in the forging, Herland Report

If the Iran deal had not been cancelled, would we have seen another large scale war in the region between Israel, Syria and Iran?  With the nuclear agreement between Iran and Western allies off the table, the question is whether Israel is likely to back off the upcoming war between Israel and Iran. With the scrapping of the deal, this ... Read More »

Former British Armed Forces Major General Jonathan Shaw who said “Assad won the War in Syria, we need to face it” gets abruptly cut off by Sky News host

A live broadcast by Sky News 13.04.2018 is rudely cut short by the media presenter as British Major General Jonathan Shaw, a former commander of British Forces in the Iraq war, questions why Assad would launch a “chemical attack” at a point in history when he has won the war in Syria. Shaw states that “the debate that seems to ... Read More »

Assad, “saringass” i Khan Sheikhum og spekulative medieløgner i media – Bjørn Ditlef Nistad, Herland Report

Etter giftgassangrepet på den syriske landsbyen Khan Sheikhum 4. april i år har norske massemedier vært fulle av oppslag om at Assad-regimet stod bak angrepet, og at nervegassen sarin sannsynligvis ble benyttet. Men sarin ville gjort at de ubeskyttede hjelpearbeiderne omkom. Alt tyder på at angrepet ble gjennomført ved hjelp av klor eller en annen mindre farlig giftgass – og ... Read More »

The complete change of tone in NATO – Jens Stoltenberg’s sad demise as US puppet, Herland Report

NATO pulls out of Syria and now suspends spying flights. according to VoltaireNet. The sad demise of NATO as US puppet continues, although this time at least along more constructive lines. The content of the NATO press conferences have changed dramatically after President Trump.   Under Obama, General Secretary of NATO, Mr. Jens Stoltenberg chronically spoke of the need to ... Read More »

Russia Insider: How notorious liar Clinton could give us Total War – Hanne Nabintu Herland

Russia Insider: The massively biased media support for Hillary Clinton and against Donald Trump illustrate deeply problematic trends in the mainstream Western media. Journalists and editors now function to a terrifying degree as propaganda megaphones for the non-democratic American elites.   Millions watch Herland Report TV. Subscribe: We have seen this before in European history and we know what it ... Read More »

Hvorfor notorisk løgner Clinton er verst tenkelige presidentkandidat for USA – Herland Report

Nettavisen: Et hovedproblem ved norsk presse er at omtrent alle avisene mener det samme. Det virker som om gruppepresset og konsensustenkningen innad i media nå er så sterk at nesten ingen våger å stikke nakken ut og mene noe annet enn det «gutteklubben grei» har bestemt – disse som styrer med nærmest totalitær hånd hvilke oppfatninger som skal være «lov ... Read More »

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