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TV show with Reginald Davis: We may experience same fate as Roman Empire

The Herland Report TV (HTV): “Close to the end of the Roman Empire, there was decline in morality, decline in values, an overreach of military installations, economic problems. There was an increasing dependence on cheap labour; there was deep division in the government, and greed on top of that. When you parallell that to what is happening in America, it …

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We have lost politeness and social etiquette, says Reginald Davis

Reginald Davis Herland Report

The Herland Report TV (HTV): “When I grew up, there was this social etiquette you had to have, a respect for others. All this has gotten lost and we are worse off because of it,” says Dr. Reginald Davis, a professor at multiple universities, author, frequent radio guest and lecturer all over America, pastor of the historic First Baptist Church …

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White Supremacy is killing America: Deep rooted injustice – Dr. Reginald Davis, Herland Report TV

EXCLUSIVE SHORT for The Herland Report TV (HTV): “White supremacy is killing America. Racism is operating the way it has always operated, and that is by maintaining the structures of power, the rich and white at the top and everyone else at the bottom”. This says Dr. Reginald Davis (watch it here), professor at multiple universities, author, frequent radio guest …

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