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The dream of free and fair elections in Libya, geopolitical leaders again involved in denying Libyans free choice? Herland Report

There is a dream for many in so-called third world countries, that the Western form of democracy will lead to “free and fair elections,” also in the traditionally more authoritarian ruler region. They hope that the Western system will bring development and civil liberties to their population. The upcoming elections in Libya – postponed again – are no exemption, as …

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Saif al-Islam Gaddafi runs for office in Libya. Under Gaddafi Libya was Africa’s richest welfare state – Herland Report

Most Westerners now know that Libya became Africa’s richest state under President Muammar Gaddafi, with social welfare evenly distributed across the Libyan population. This was before NATO decided to follow the American advise and force Muammar Gaddafi from power in one of the most notorious military coups in modern history. The military coup in 2011 plunged Libya into its current …

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Russland omfavner Vladimir Putin, vant valget med 76.6 %, mer enn noen vestlig leder opplever – Bjørn D. Nistad, Herland Report

Vladimir Putin har som forventet vunnet det russiske presidentvalget i 2018. At Putin ville bli gjenvalgt var det aldri noen tvil om. Putins mål skal angivelig ha vært 70×70, altså å vinne med 70 prosent av de avgitte stemmene ved et fremmøte på 70 prosent. Han oppnådde 76,6 prosent av stemmene ved et fremmøte på ca 67 prosent, skriver idehistoriker …

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