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Weak Feminists rule Europe, feelings and media fear pump Corona?

    Herland Report: Weak Feminists rule Europe: The madness of feminist governments rule Europe now. Full of feelings and emotional apocalyptic perspectives, many of them are quoted in by gender or Identity Politics’ jibberish, not qualified by competence, experience and leadership. Women have, according to the aim of the 1960s Western feminism been appointed in almost all important roles. The …

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Ny-marxismens kvinnefiendtlige 68er feminisme ødela kvinnedagen – Hanne Nabintu

Ny-marxismens kvinnefiendtlige 68er feminisme ødela kvinnedagen - Hanne Nabintu Steffen Aaland

Herland Report: Ny-marxismens kvinnefiendtlige 68er feminisme ødela kvinnedagen: Kvinnedagen ble ødelagt av den ny-marxistiske, kvinnefiendtlige 1968’er feminismen som innbiller kvinnen at hun er svak, diskriminert og hatet av menn. Studentrevolusjonen på 1960-tallet førte til den kulturadikale bølgen som hater alt som heter tradisjonelle europeiske verdier. Dens ledere foreskrev diskriminering av majoriteten som middel for å kue nasjonen til lydighet under …

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The Assault on Masculinity and Men – Jordan Peterson

The Assault on Masculinity and Men Spectator

  Herland Report: The Assault on Masculinity and Men: The American Psychological Association (APA) recently released its Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Boys and Men. It manages to be simultaneously predictable, reprehensible, infuriating and disheartening — no mean feat for a single document.   Make no mistake about it: this document constitutes an all-out assault on masculinity — or, to …

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Jordan Peterson and Feminism creates Conflict – Nabintu, WND

Feminism creates Conflict Huffington

  Herland Report: Feminism creates Conflict: Psychologist Jordan Peterson has millions of young, male followers now. They all read his bestseller “12 rules for life” and flock to the YouTube channel like disciples to a prophet.  They claim that his unconventional rebel style against today’s crippling political correctness helps them find order in the modern chaos of relativism, writes historian …

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The Search for Sex and Happiness – Michel Houellebecq


  Hanne Nabintu Herland: The Search for Sex and Happiness: Sexuality is one of life’s greatest gifts. Sex satisfies existential needs for personal affirmation, crowned by liberating orgasms.  Who can manage without it? How pale is not everyday life without the play between the sexes and its eroticism? Yet today, life in the hedonist, borderless West is pale, and the …

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Western Governments Favor Criminal Immigrant Over Law-abiding Citizens #Sweden

Sweden Rape ZeroHedge Watson Herland Report

Herland Report: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says Feminism and Criminal Immigrants have destroyed Europe. European governments have destroyed the quality of life for their own citizens by importing huge numbers of men from cultures that are too different from European culture to assimilate. European women especially are paying a very high price for the idiotic policy of the European governments. …

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Feminister undertrykker meningsmotstandere på en måte vi knapt har sett maken til siden nazistene – Edgar Paasche, Herland Report

Boken “Det feministiske manifest. Sannheten om vår tids mest demoniserende ideologi” er en sylskarp kritikk av den demoniske retningen som feminismen har utviklet seg de siste tyve årene. Kjøp boken her. Feminister undertrykker meningsmotstandere på en måte vi knapt nok har sett maken til siden nazistene herjet Europa, skriver forfatter Edgar Paasche. Les også denne artikkelen.  Millions watch Herland Report …

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