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The Exploitation of the People by Global Elites is an Outrage – Dr. Phil Giraldi, Herland Report TV

Herland Report TV:  “This is the end of democracy. Globalism, as it is exercised by the elite establishment in many countries, have transferred wealth and political power to themselves in a massive scale,” says Dr. Phil Giraldi in this Herland Report TV show.  He is the Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest. He is a former counter-terrorism ... Read More »

Notorious looting of Africa under the pretext of “nice aid to the poor” – The sly Western strategy, Herland Report

Africa is rich – but the rest of the world is benefitting from its wealth. Our second Honest Accounts report reveals that countries in Africa are rich –However this wealth is not benefitting African citizens, but the rest of the world. Whilst countries in Africa receive $162 billion in resources such as aid, loans, and foreign investment a whopping $203 ... Read More »

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