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Herland Report: Modern science is highly politicized and not objective – William H. Wall

Because perception is inherently fallible, logic is duped by empirical evidence. Our five senses are notoriously weak and prone to error. Hundreds of optical illusions are readily available to prove the point. Every scientific error had the support of logic. In short, perception itself is woefully inadequate to assess reality, writes William Hamnet Wall, first published, WND.  Millions watch Herland …

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Jordan Peterson on God and Catholicism: ‘That’s as sane as people can get’

Speaking with one of the best-known conservative Jews, Dennis Prager, at the PragerU summit last week, world-famous psychologist Jordan Peterson spoke of God and his views of faith. After speaking about his dislike for the question ‘Do you believe in God?’ Peterson said, “I think that Catholicism — that’s as sane as people can get.” Peterson has often been asked about …

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The whole Bible is a love story, God’s love story with the human race: The ultra radical Billy Graham gone home, 2018

Billy Graham Tribute: The Most Important Moment of Your Life. Billy Graham was the ground breaking, unparalleled radical, spiritual leader in America that has preached to more than two billion people in his life time. The final years in his life, he spoke extensively of the dangers of the morally deteriorating American society, warning of God’s doom on America if …

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Rapper Kendrick Lamar on album #DAMN: Churches should fear God more and his judgement, Herland Report

Rap artist Kendrick Lamar is topping Billboard charts with his newest album, “Damn,” but it’s his faith message that is catching the attention of the Christian community. With songs titled “God” and “Humble,” the 29-year-old artist told Complex magazine that he believes God gave him a platform for a greater purpose. “God put something in my heart to get across and that’s …

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Til minne om barnet som ble verdens mest revolusjonerende person, Jesus Kristus – Herland Report

Vi har fred i Norge, det er en ganske unik tilstand i en ellers svært urolig verden. Det er mye å takke for! La oss bry oss om de som ikke er så heldige, de som lever i fattigdom, har mistet sine i krig og har opplevd stor urett og ondskap. La oss bruke livet til å bidra til fred …

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