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WATCH Herland Report TV: Western Idealism has Failed Completely – Norwegian Resett chief editor Helge Luraas

The 1960’s ideology has always just been a utopia, now people realize it is a failed project and react against the establishment. The successful author and chief editor of the Norwegian newspaper Resett, Helge Luraas, has been a public figure in Scandinavia for many years. Watch the show below. In this interview he speaks about the failures of Western idealism …

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The belief in Modern Science as the New Infallible Religion – Hanne Nabintu Herland column at The Christian Post

In the 1800s, empiricism became a popular way of examining the world, according to the observable by the human eye. Auguste Comte declared that the only matter we may know as “facts” are those derived from human experience. It was a good method in natural science, mathematics and within other disciplines, Hanne Nabintu Herland writes for The Christian Post. Yet, …

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Provoserende RESETT om Herland nett-serien SØSTRE på YouTube: Heldigvis for kvinner er menn enkle sjeler – Maria Zahler

Se siste program av SØSTRE her, Herland Report nett-serien som er sett av flere hundretusen nordmenn. Resett skriver provoserende: Heldigvis for kvinner så er menn enkle sjeler. Som Herland sier, får de mat og sex så har de det bra. Jo flere kvinner som forstår dette, desto bedre. Kanskje kan man løse det med enklere grep enn man tror, skriver …

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Religion motivates people to love one another in a way that secularism cannot – Hanne Nabintu Herland at The US Christian Post

For decades, the leading European philosopher and atheist, Jürgen Habermas has emphasized the need for moral development in the secular West. His thinking was initially considered neo-Marxist, following along the lines of the radical Frankfurt School that heavily criticized the bourgeoisie, traditional values in Europe. He sought the answers to how to live the best possible life and be a …

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Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: My St. Petersburg Economic Forum Conference Speech, in Russia – Herland Report  

This is the lecture I would have given if I had been able to accept the invitation to address the St. Petersburg Economic Conference in Russia this weekend, writes Dr.Paul Craig Roberts, one of the leading American political economists and a regular contributor at The Herland Report. Read exclusive articles and watch interviews here, and here, and here. If the neoconservatives …

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TV program Milo Yiannopoulos: New Left Feminism destroyed self-esteem

Milo Yiannopoulos: New Left Feminism destroyed self-esteem: Hanne Nabintu Herland Report

  Herland Report: One of the leading advocates for free speech, Milo Yiannopoulos: New Left Feminism destroyed self-esteem, he says to Hanne Nabintu Herland: “One of the classic characteristics of modern feminism is its low opinion of women. This is the worst thing about feminism, presenting women as weak.” The Herland Report has several interviews with Milo, “The Kanye West …

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French Revolution Tyranny: A study of Mob Rule

French Revolution Tyranny 1848.

  Herland Report: French Revolution Tyranny: Our time is characterized by the West’s love for war. The great empires in history were also characterized by conquest of the weak and revenues from the conquered, yet he who holds the moral high ground tends to win in the long run. So states the Chinese man of wisdom, the military genius Sun …

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The American system is failing, but I think it is good that bad ideas are not successful – Dr. Ron Paul to Herland Report TV

An EXCLUSIVE SHORT for The Herland Report TV (HTV): “Our system is failing, but I think it’s good that bad ideas are failing. I want the fiat currency to fail, I want people to have honest money, I want liberty to prevail,” says Dr. Ron Paul, the famous US Senator, a US presidential candidate, US Congressman, Libertarian, author and founder …

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Søstre (3/7) – Hva er din diamant i livet, hvordan bli lykkelig? Herland Report nett-TV serien svært populær på nettet

Herland Report TV (HTV): Hva er veien til lykke i et hektisk moderne samfunn? Kan man bli lykkelig hvis man bare tenker på seg selv? Hør seks norske kvinner på toppen av sine karrierer snakker åpenhjertig og privat om hva som skal til for å få et godt liv. Se Herland Report TV (HTV) serien i 7 deler «Søstre. Om samliv og …

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Ny episode nettserien “SØSTRE. Om samliv og selvtillit” (2/7): Hvordan leve målrettet. Over 100 000 views på få dager – Herland Report TV YouTube

Herland Report TV (HTV): Episode 2 av nettserien “Søstre. Om sex, samliv og selvtillit” snakker om viktigheten av å leve målrettet og sette seg mål, for å oppnå det man ønsker i livet. Hva skjer når seks norske kvinner på toppen av sine karrierer snakker åpenhjertig og privat om sex, samliv og selvtillit? Første episode ble sett av 100 000 på få …

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