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Dr. Ron Paul exclusive on Herland Report TV on YouTube: The elites have no empathy with the working class

Share it!An exclusive short for The Herland Report TV (HTV): “There elites have no empathy for the people, for the working class, I have dealt with those who are in charge,” says Dr. Ron Paul in this teaser to the exclusive interview with Herland Report TV. Watch it here. Dr. Ron Paul is a former US presidential candidate, Senator, Congressman, …

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Følg Norges frekkeste nett-TV, Herland Report som når millioner, fri fra politisk korrekhet i samtale med ledende tenkere

Share it!The Herland Report nyhetssiden og Herland Report TV (HTV) når millioner årlig med radikale samtaler med ledende vestlige intellektuelle og fritenkere, kjemisk fritt fra politisk korrekthet. I våre studio er alt lov – vi tror på ytringsfrihet og legger vekt på bredde, ulike oppfatninger og stor takhøyde. Temaene knyttes ofte til utenrikspolitikk, kultur, religion, Midtøsten, et Europa i forfall …

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The Herland Report America Tour – upcoming ground breaking interviews with US celebrities

Share it!Touring the United States with my new book “The Culture War. How the West lost its Greatness”, we have spoken to a number of the famous celebrities in America who we think have something important to say. The Herland Report will feature exciting personas and ground breaking interviews in the weeks to come from our American tour. I am …

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Bishop Harry Jackson TED Talk on social injustice and how to handle racism – The Herland Report

Share it!Bishop Harry Jackson argues that if  the US is going to be healed from hatred and racism, there is a need for a new civil rights movement, not just from the black community. Everyone needs to be involved in building bridges to peace, and work collaboratively to create a nation that people want to live in – the dream …

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