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The neo-conservatives are on the defensive because everything they do fails #Middle East: Dr. Ron Paul on Herland Report TV.

The Herland Report TV (HTV) presents the first of four interviews with Dr. Ron Paul, former US presidential candidate, Senator, Congressman, famous Libertarian, author and founder of The Liberty Report. He states that “the American system is failing. The people who are on the defensive now are the people who believe in this superpower state. Even the neo-conservatives are on ... Read More »

Exclusive TV program with Milo Yiannopoulos (2/4): The characteristic of modern feminism is its low opinion of women – Herland Report

Herland Report TV (HTV): One of the leading free thinkers and advocates for free speech in the West, Milo Yiannopoulos says in this exclusive interview discussing feminism, that “One of the classic characteristics of modern feminism is its low opinion of women. This is the worst thing about feminism. How low their opinions are of other women, presenting them as ... Read More »

Enda en klikkvinner fra Herland Report TV på YouTube: NATT&DAG om nettserien “SØSTRE. Om sex, samliv og selvtillit”:

NATT&DAG skriver: Bare noen uker etter møtene med høyrefløyens kontroversielle spradebasser Milo Yiannopoulos og Ron Paul er Hanne Nabintu Herland tilbake med enda en klikkvinner. Denne gangen har hun omfavnet sin indre femininitet og presenterer et glitrete daytime-lignende talkshow. Nettserien Søstre: om sex, samliv og selvitllit består av dronningen selv, akkompagnert av fem andre kvinner i sin beste alder, «på toppen av sine karrierer», som prater om ... Read More »

International Tunis Outreach to the Libyan Tawhargha tribe: The Islamist persecution of Black Libyans worse than ever, Herland Report

Since 2011, the situation in Libya has deteriorated into a warlord-system in which militia leaders who more or less are part of the Western backed governmental structures, rule local areas in Libya with brute force. One of the tribes that have been especially affected by the Western backed militia rule in which Islamist groups have remained strong, are the Tawhargha ... Read More »

Former UK Ambassador Peter Ford Reveals Truth About Syria – The Liberty Report with Dr. Ron Paul – Herland Report

Former UK Ambassador to Syria Peter Ford joins the Liberty Report to share his vast experience in the region. He has notably deviated from the government/media narrative about the alleged Assad gas attack. How likely is it that Assad used gas? Why are inspectors being prevented from visiting the site? How is the “official narrative” holding up to increasing scrutiny? Also ... Read More »

What Will Weapons Inspectors Find in Syria…And Does it even Matter? #IraqAllOverAgain Dr. Ron Paul, The Liberty Report

Inspectors from the Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) have finally arrived in Douma, Syria, to assess whether a gas attack took place earlier this month. It has taken a week for the inspectors to begin their work, as charges were thrown back and forth about who was causing the delay, writes Dr. Ron Paul, former US presidential ... Read More »

Norske bistandsmilliarder til Syria går kun til 10 % og opprørere: Leger Uten Grenser i seng med jihadister? Eva Thomassen

Syria har mottatt mer bistand fra Norge enn noe annet land i 2017. Men pengene går kun til 10 % av Syrias befolkning, de som befinner seg i de opprørskontrollerte områdene. Idlib, for eksempel, som er internasjonalt kjent for å være et Al Qaida og terrorgruppereir. Det er dit Øst Ghouta jihadistene som har tapt kampen om Ghouta nå busses ... Read More »

NY Herland Report TV SERIE: Hva skjer når seks erfarne kvinner snakker åpent om parforhold, pornografi og selvbilde? “Søstre. Om sex, samliv og selvtillit”

Herland Report TV (HTV): Hva skjer når seks norske kvinner på toppen av sine karrierer snakker åpenhjertig og privat om sex, samliv og selvtillit? Se Herland Report TV (HTV) serien i 7 deler «Søstre. Om sex, samliv og selvtillit» der seks kvinner, på toppen av sine karrierer, har tillatt at TV kameraer filmer deres private venninnesamtaler. De snakker åpenhjertig og rett ... Read More »

The whole Bible is a love story, God’s love story with the human race: The ultra radical Billy Graham gone home, 2018

Billy Graham Tribute: The Most Important Moment of Your Life. Billy Graham was the ground breaking, unparalleled radical, spiritual leader in America that has preached to more than two billion people in his life time. The final years in his life, he spoke extensively of the dangers of the morally deteriorating American society, warning of God’s doom on America if ... Read More »

Interviews with Dr. Ron Paul for The Herland Report – The America Tour

We are touring the USA, seeking to understand what went so terribly wrong with American culture. The past years have seen a nation go from being a melting pot where everyone fit in, a country unified through a national identity that did not differ – not to the same extent as today – between creed and race.   Subscribe to ... Read More »

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