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Documentation and Analysis on the Alleged Chlorine Attacks in Syria 2014-18 – Dr. Tim Hayward, Herland Report

We all remember how the alleged chemical attack in Douma on 7 April, 2018 led to a missile attack on Syria by the US, France and UK. This briefing note summarizes the results of further investigations of the Douma incident and explains relevant scientific issues. This note also examines the processes by which OPCW Fact-Finding Missions and the UN/OPCW Joint Investigative ... Read More »

Senator Richard Black in Syria, warning of upcoming false flag chemical attack. Watch LEAKED “chemical attack” video – Herland Report

 Republican State Senator Richard Black of Virginia has met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and claimed to have knowledge of an alleged Western plot to stage a chemical weapons attack there as a pretext for military action, Newsweek reports. Black, an Army veteran, traveled to Syria on Wednesday to express his support for the government’s war against insurgents and jihadis who rose up ... Read More »

On repeat, upcoming false flag operation in Syria? #IDLIB creating “Assad chemical attacks” to open for US airstrikes to defend Idlib mercenaries

On Saturday, August 22nd, AugustRussia warned the US administration that the Russian authorities know all the details of the provocation that is being prepared in the province of Idlib. Republished September 14th, 2018. Terrorists are going to simulate a chemical attack allegedly committed by Damascus, and “in response”. The British, Americans and Frenchmen will strike at Syrian targets. This is ... Read More »

Norske bistandsmilliarder til Syria går kun til 10 % og opprørere: Leger Uten Grenser i seng med jihadister? Eva Thomassen

Syria har mottatt mer bistand fra Norge enn noe annet land i 2017. Men pengene går kun til 10 % av Syrias befolkning, de som befinner seg i de opprørskontrollerte områdene. Idlib, for eksempel, som er internasjonalt kjent for å være et Al Qaida og terrorgruppereir. Det er dit Øst Ghouta jihadistene som har tapt kampen om Ghouta nå busses ... Read More »

Minebelagte Syria og Norges samarbeid med Al Qaida reiret Idlib – Eva Thomassen, Herland Report

Filmen ”Last Men in Aleppo” er vist over hele den vestlige verden, fått priser, fått folk til å gråte, klappe og gi enda flere penger til disse 3000 ”redningsheltene” i White Helmets. I Norge er filmen vist en rekke ganger på NRK og ved flere filmfestivaler, skriver Eva Thomassen, først publisert på Steigan.no. Subscribe to Herland Report TV Vaskeseddelen som ... Read More »

Is White Helmets and an Arab TV Channel preparing for a new false flag chemical attack in Idlib? Newly arrived convoy

Syria Times reports: “Local sources in Idlib city asserted that a group of the Western-financed White Helmets had arrived in Ariha city several days ago and many civilians were brought from Saraqeb city to Ariha city accompanied by a team of an Arab TV Channel in order to prepare for a new ‘false flag’ chemical attack, according to the Lebanese-based ... Read More »

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