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Raphael Israeli: Dangerous parallel societies in Europe

Raphael Israeli islamikaze Herland Report

Share it!  Herland Report TV: We sat down with Dr. Raphael Israeli, the man who invented the term “Islamikaze”,Professor of Middle Eastern, Islamic and Chinese history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, fellow at Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace and the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. He is one of the front experts on the self-sacrifice method in …

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Feminism and Criminal Immigrant Destroyed Sweden – Paul C. Roberts

Sweden gang rape liberal Heralnd Report

Share it!   Herland Report: Feminism and Criminal Immigrant Destroyed Sweden: In Sweden the rape of white Swedish women by black immigrant-invaders never stops. In the latest outrage four Eritreans forced a 13 year old Swedish girl into a bathroom and took turns raping her while filming the gang rape. According to the news report, the vaginal rape was “preceded …

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Media theatre designed to hide Trump’s economic progress – WND

Donald Trump NBC

Share it!   Don’t let Democrats fool you, writes Adriana Cohen, the state of the union is strong. If you watched President Donald Trump deliver his annual State of the Union address this week, you can see why the left and its mouthpieces in media lob nonstop insults against him and trash-talk his administration. It’s to create a lot of …

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Abortion Holocaust causes Mass Immigration – Hanne Nabintu, WND

Abortion Holocaust causes Mass Immigration:

Share it!  Herland Report: Abortion Holocaust causes Mass Immigration: Ireland recently felt the full force of the Liberal Progressive New Left, as the country was voting whether to keep its strict anti-abortion laws or not. After massive pressure to legalize abortions, Catholic Ireland finally followed the rest of Europe, writes historian and founder of The Herland Report, Hanne Nabintu Herland …

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